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I would love to hear your experiences with self-improvement & motivation, but before contacting me I would appreciate you reading these guidelines.

Why Write For Code Of Living?

1. Gain exposure. Your article will be promoted to 2,000+ readers via RSS/ email, 2000+ Facebook followers and 7,000+ Twitter followers. Code Of Living receives more than 200,000+ page views every month.

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4. Linked Bio. Your bio at the bottom of your article is a great spot to link back to your website or to any of your products. If you would like to update your bio in the future just send me a quick email and I’ll be happy to change it for you (up to twice per year).

Writing Guidelines

1. Be original. This means your article is unique and has not been previously published anywhere, including your own blog. So no copy pasting, because we’ll check.

2. Make it personal. No one enjoys reading a textbook. So try to base your article on your own personal experiences.

3. Length doesn’t matter. Use as much as words as you need to tell your story, regardless if that’s 600 words or 6000.

4. Include a bio. Please include a short bio with up to 2 links that will appear at the bottom of the article. This is your place to shine so make good use of it.

5. Try not to self-promote in the article. If you have a product or service you are looking to promote please link to these in your bio rather than within the article. Links to relevant articles either on Code of Living or other blogs within your article are ok.

Please Note

1. Electronic publishing rights. By submitting your story to me you agree will hold the digital publishing rights to the article if it is published.

3. Your article may be edited. I normally leave articles untouched. But if needed I might edit things like the title, grammar, and format to make it fit better.

5. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response. I always aim to read and reply to every guest article submission within 5 days, but with the sheer amount emails I receive on a daily basis please don’t mind if I don’t get back to you instantly. If you don’t hear back from me within 2 weeks please send a follow up email.


1. A relevant and insightful quote at the start of an article is a great way to grab a reader’s attention and start the article strong.

2. A question for readers at the end of your story is a great way to encourage discussion in the comments.

5. Promote and share your story with your network!

Get In Touch

Please submit your draft by sending me an email at contact [at] with “Guest Article Submission” in the subject line.

If I enjoy your article I will write back with a suggested date to publish the story. Otherwise I’ll let you know that I’m passing on the submission so you can publish it elsewhere.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Osman Abraham – Editor-in-chief