Skyrocket Your Earnings Online: The 5 Best Ways To Monetize & Make Money From Blogging

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Passive Income

I know it’s tough to earn online but I find it VERY hard to believe that more than 80% of bloggers never make more than $100 from blogging. I have met a lot of promising bloggers and I know firsthand how much hours they put into their blogs. So this idea that a majority of them don’t pan out and end up quitting gives me the impression that they are doing something wrong. Most blog experts don’t like to say it but I personally feel that money is a good scale to determine whether you are successful or not. If you have great site and great content but are not making money online then in my eyes you are a failure. You have to learn to grow your income at the same pace that you grow your blog. So if you want to increase your earnings online, I encourage you to keep reading and try to implement the following strategies in your blog.

Preliminary Work

Just like how you can’t harvest crop without planting and nurturing it. You can’t start milking your blog (…I love farm metaphors) until you reach a certain point. So as a general guideline try to hit the targets below before beginning to monetize your blog.

  • Have at least 25 good posts on your blog
  • Develop a constant stream of users to your blog (…this should be traffic that you receive on average everyday regardless of anything else)
  • Be in the good graces of Google and get indexed (…and all other search engines)
  • Grow your social networks and create a presence for your blog
  • Start working on a product you can sell (this could be an eBook, training program or even a presentation. It just has to be something your users will buy)

If you reach the goals, the rest of the monetization procedure should be a lot easier and you will begin to see results right away.

How to Make Money Blogging :

1. Google Adsense

Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense is one of my biggest streams for earning online and I continue to use Adsense with amazing effects on my blogs. It has a lot of great features and it’s in my opinion the best fit for new bloggers. While I strongly recommend you apply to the AdSense program right now. Here are some benefits you should know if you’re still not sure:

  1. Adsense is Free and no information is required to sign up.
  2. No product is needed to use AdSense just a blog or website.
  3. Google pushes relevant ads according to each individual post increasing your potential earnings.
  4. Ads in AdSense are customizable according to your blogs look and feel, with various types of ads such as image, text or video.
  5. It’s very easy and little to no time is needed to start making money. Just copy and paste the code on your blog.

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2. Sell Your Own Product

While it’s always great to be the middleman and get a cut from selling other peoples products, you always make more money from selling directly to the consumer. So as I mentioned in the preliminary steps above you should eventually aim to have a good product that you can sell to your users. But just like everything else this also has a procedure that you have to follow before making any money.

  1. Build the trust of your users by being open, reliable and honest. They won’t by stuff from you unless they feel they can trust what you’re selling.
  2. Create a product that will actually help your users and is not pointless
  3. Create excitement for your product through your posts and by advertising it on your blog
  4. Spread the word about how great your product is and try to get reviewed and promoted
  5. Sell your product either by yourself on your site or through a medium such as Clickbank which takes a small percentage of the profits

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3. Join An Affiliate Program

While you won’t make the same money selling someone else’s products over your own, being an affiliate does have its benefits.

  • You don’t need to make a product
  • You don’t need to worry over the checkout process
  • You don’t need to take care of the customers after selling the product

So if this seems like something you would want to do I’d highly recommend it. I personally like this way to earn the best just because it runs to a certain degree on autopilot and if you have the traffic it brings in a lot more revenue than AdSense. While it’s always best to target particular affiliate programs for your niche you can start your search in some of the larger affiliate networks like Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction. Recommended Affiliate Guides

4. Amazon Associates


Amazon can be a great source of income for your blog especially if your topic includes particular products over ideas. The reason behind this is that by being an Amazon affiliate you don’t promote the Amazon brand but instead you promote particular products. That’s why while it is tricky; it has the potential to make you a lot of money. Recommended Guides This guide by Darren Rowse from is one of the best I’ve seen and you should surely check it out: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

5. Private Ad Sales / Sponsorships

With the right amount of traffic selling ad space on your site is a great way to make money from blogging. While this isn’t a constant stream of revenue as most ad spots are term based it can provide big boosts of income throughout the year. So while it’s easy to set up I don’t recommend you implement this on your blog until you are receiving a constant large flow of traffic because unlike Adsense ads they don’t just come to you. You’ll have to go out and convince companies that your blog is a good fit to advertise their product or service. Other Methods that Do WORK While these methods aren’t as traditional, they might work better for your type of blog.

  1. Chitika – Chitika is another ad service like Adsense, but are non-contextual
  2. Feedburner Ads – ads included in your feedburner stream
  3. Offer Exclusive Content – offer users who pay exclusive posts or features
  4. Coaching – Charge users for your help and expertise through phone or Skype
  5. Sell or License Content – If you feel your content is good enough sell or license it. 

Blog Earning Statistics

Just make a goal that you want to be the top 2%. It won’t come overnight but with persistence and a lot of hard work you can and will get there. Good Luck!

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