Highly successful people are those who don’t just learn from their own mistakes but the mistakes of others. So, to help all bloggers out there I thought I’d make a list of all the common major blogging mistakes I have found consulting bloggers so that you can learn from them and make them right for yourself. I’m flipping this guide on its head. These aren’t 25 tips but 25 things you must NOT do if you want to be a successful blogger in 2019 🙂 I have made many of these mistakes myself 😉 but time and experience has taught me how important the little things can be. So, while some of these tips might seem a bit mundane at first. Always remember that bad mistakes become bad habits and bad habits online translate into one thing only: failure. Here are 25 mistakes you must avoid if you want to become a successful blogger (I believe in you!)

  1. Writing Disposable (Throwaway) Blog Posts

In SEO, there is a term that “Content is King.” I personally feel that this statement is quite mild… In my opinion, content is not just King but Queen, Judge, Police, Husband, Wife and everything else online. If you have low-quality bad content I can guarantee you that you will fail. Just like a building, your blog’s foundation is the content you create and weakness in your blog posts means your blog can come tumbling down anytime (Google algorithm updates anyone? :/)

  1. Not Networking with Others in Your Blogging Market

You can never win in the internet world by isolating yourself; you must keep up with trends and the only way to do that is by actively networking with other bloggers in your blogging niche. Keep your friends close and your enemies’ closer. Blogging is a cut-throat world and you must have a pulse on the competition if you want to succeed and actually make some money blogging.

  1. Not Utilizing Social Networking to Promote Your Blog

The world has shifted to social networking and not utilizing is the equivalent of denying to use electricity in favor of medieval technology. Social media has become huge in getting your blog exposure and helping to build blog authority. You should work on making your posts “likable” and “shareable”. Use lots of images and try to incorporate punch lines which can be tweeted. Remember you’re always one viral moment away from worldwide fame 😉

  1. Going Off Topic in Your Blog Posts

I always loved going to the Zoo when I was younger. I loved the Lions. I loved the Tigers. I loved the Rhinos. I loved the Elephants. I loved the Penguins. I loved the Zebras. I loved the Hippo’s. I loved the Giraffes. I loved the Flamingos…… Get it? On the Internet no likes their time wasted.

  1. Not Being Consistent

This is the number cardinal mistake that bloggers who fail make. You must be consistent. Just like working out how it’s better to do 15 minutes of exercise regularly then spend 5 hours in the gym once a month. Bogging requires daily regular effort. So even if it’s just a small 300-word post or a couple tweets, try to make your blog better every single day.

  1. Spamming Visitors

This should be self-explanatory. Your visitors are everything! So, if you have finally grown a mailing list of say 1000 members on your self-improvement blog, please don’t send them an email promoting a dishwasher…

  1. Writing Long Essays Without Breaks

No this isn’t freshman year English. Please don’t write in that very unintuitive ugly APA style with no headings or separation. When It comes to blogging, readability is key and if your post looks like a chore to read, 9/10 people will skip it (Including me. Sorry! J)

  1. Making Your Blog Design Complicated

The more, easy, intuitive and simple your blog design is the better. So skip on that full-screen video clip that plays on launch or that really cool menu that’s moving around the screen.

  1. Using Bad Headlines

Which headline would you rather click? Option A. some facts about fast food Option B. 39 Mind-Blowing Facts About Fast Food That Will Open Your Eyes The answer is option B if you didn’t get it.

  1. Having A Slow Website

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s means if you’re website takes 3.5 seconds to load 4 out of 10 people that visit your blog will say goodbye before they even read a word let alone buy something. I recommend you use Googe PageSpeed to analyze where you can improve. It will give you a breakdown of your web page and the requests a user must make to load your blog. The best fix to this is to always invest in a good web hosting provider. I personally prefer and recommend BlueHost but there are a huge variety of options you can choose from.

  1. Adding Too Many Links to Your Blog

Like the don’t spam your visitors point above. It’s important you keep links to a minimum especially if they are scattered inside of your blog posts. Always think of links like doors, while they are useful, having 20 doors in one room many makes the user experience much more difficult.

  1. Bad on Page S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)

Yes, yes I know it’s now a new world and SEO is not as important as it once was. But this doesn’t mean its disappeared. I would argue that SEO has transformed into

  1. Spinning Content

Don’t be lazy! Visitors and Search engines can see right through it. The content on your blog is what makes you unique. The content is what attracts visitors and the content is what makes money. If you are simply spinning ideas and content from competitors how will you stand out? Focus on quality over quantity and work on producing content-rich posts that are unique and special to your blog.

  1. Writing Only for Search Engine Robots Instead of People

“Hi carrot blog readers! This is a carrotific post about carrots on my carrot blog that teaches you carrot readers how to grow carrots and sell carrot cake, carrot rice and carrot bread” Trust me keyword-stuffing just doesn’t work. Maybe 15 years ago it might have but modern day search engines see right through this black hat tactic. Stick to making quality content that people want and everything else will work itself out.

  1. Not Guest Posting or Not Allowing Guest Posts On Your Blog

If you want to go fast travel alone but if you want to go far you must travel together. The Internet is a large web and simply registering a domain and writing a few posts won’t cut it. You must collaborate and work with other bloggers online to create a reputation for yourself. You can only be considered an expert if other proven experts say you’re an expert.

  1. Not Using Images on Your Blog

You know what they say 1 picture equals a 1000 words and this is 100% true for blogging as well. Images are extremely important in today’s day and age. People identify more with visuals than anything else. Images make your posts more vibrant, more easy to consume, and more easy to share on social media.

Blogging Mistakes - Image vs text

What is easier to understand? The Image or its textual description?

  1. Not Using Video on Your Blog

Expanding a bit on the above point. Video is also a very important tool you can use to engage visitors and improve the quality of your blog. Maybe convert a couple of your posts into videos and see the response you get. They don’t work for every blogging niche but can be very effective in increasing your blog’s authority.

  1. Having Too Many Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Cardinal rule #1 don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Your visitors are your blogging life source. Don’t spoil your relationship by shoving advertisements down their throats! Like for me on CodeofLiving I only recommend things which I have personally used myself. A good way to stay honest before promoting some item on your blog is to ask if you’d recommend this item to your mother or your siblings.

  1. Making Blog Content Overcomplicated

The graphical function of your traffic times the integral of the number of people who purchase items from your blog is the derivative of the number of times people click the first link on your home page… Technical jargon doesn’t always make you look smart. Blogging by nature is targeted towards everyday people. So, don’t overcomplicate things which can be said in an easier way.

  1. Not Making Your Blog Scalable and Mobile-Friendly

More than 60% of visitors of visitors to CodeofLiving are mobile visitors. It’s crucial that your blog is mobile-friendly and scales for different screen sizes. Displaying a desktop view to a mobile user gives visitor a very bad user experience which translates into higher bounce rates and fewer sales.

  1. No Link Building, Internal and External

As mentioned above don’t overdo it but also don’t neglect it. Hyperlinks or links for short are what make the Internet function.  Without a good linking scheme not just do you make it difficult for users to navigate your website but you make it difficult for search engine spiders to crawl your blog.

  1. Falling to Listen and Adapt to Visitors

You will make mistakes as your blog grow and you will “never” be always right. It’s important that you always stay in a mindset where you are constantly adapting and changing to meet the needs of your visitors.

  1. Lacking Quality Content

Search engines are a business and only want the absolute best posts on the front pages to provide their customers. By writing a low-quality post you are positioning yourself to join the million other results at the back of the line. When it comes to blogging “Quality” should always be your mantra.

  1. Not Being Responsive to Visitors

You will only make money from your blog and become a pro blogger when you act like a class-act professional with your visitors. This means replying quickly to emails, being polite to users, and replying on comments. Users only buy from blogs that have a type of soul or life to them and this life will come from you. If you’re always there for your visitors trust me they will have your back as well.

  1. Being Impatient and Negative

Blogging is not for the weak and timid. It especially is not for people who lack in patience. Everyone sees the elite bloggers who make thousands of dollars every week in passive income but they don’t see the thousands of hours they put in behind the scenes. Blogging is a full-time job and you will only see real success if you are willing to put in many hours of effort for the long haul. Don’t give up! 🙂 So, that’s that! I feel this is a pretty complete guideline of things NOT-to-do while blogging. If you can truly avoid and learn from these mistakes, I can personally guarantee that you will God willingly be successful! If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments and help your bloggers out.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”.  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Good Luck!

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