Your blog can have the best content and design in the world but without traffic, it’s like having a supercar car without an engine, it’s of no use. So while making your blog look pretty or creating new products is very important, your main focus should at all times be on increasing your blog’s traffic. In the online world traffic is the equivalent of gold; you can always cash it in anytime for a large profit.

Here Are 4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Blogs Traffic:

1. Realize The Power Of Guest Posts

Most new bloggers don’t understand the power of guest posting. They are so caught up in their own blog that they don’t want to “waste” a good article by doing a guest post for others when they can keep it for themselves. I can personally vouch for this thought process because it was my own not too long ago. For the beginning 12 months of my first website, I can honestly say I didn’t even submit one guest post to a neighboring larger blog. I was very protective of my material and really didn’t want to share. But after a grueling 12 months with no results, I decided that before calling it quits I’d experiment and give it one last shot. That’s how I came around to posting a guest post. I did my research and looked for a large influential blog with relative material to my own and fingers crossed I sent the webmaster the post. After a few days of back and forth evaluations my post finally got posted with a short bio of myself at the bottom with a link to my blog. I honestly wasn’t expecting much maybe a couple visits here and there but was I surprised. That day the traffic of my blog tripled.

Some Other Benefits Of Guest Posts:

  • You get a solid backlink to your site from a related website giving you a big SEO boost
  • You build a reputation for yourself and your expertise
  • You are able to share your knowledge with an even more vast amount of people

The benefits of guest posting far outweigh the costs and you should try to post a guest port for every two posts on your own blog or website

2. Fully Utilize All That Social Networking Offers

A big mistake many bloggers make is that they don’t fully utilize what social networking has to offer. They focus a lot of their attention on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest which is very good but they become completely blind and miss out in massive amounts of traffic through comparatively smaller sites such as Reddit and Digg. You should incorporate these smaller but more effortlessly rewarding social networking sites in your blog. Include share links for your users and every now and then share your own post as well (Don’t overdo it and spam, just now than with your best posts). I guarantee by doing this you will see a significant increase in your blog traffic. I personally have had a good experience with Reddit and have received thousands of visitors from them. One of my posts once went partially viral and reached the front board, resulting in a “huge” traffic bump for me. ( – 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) – Estimated Unique Monthly Pageviews)

3. “Good” Content is King

The line “content is king” gets thrown around a lot in the blogosphere but I have always felt that a keyword is missing: Good. You can create a thousand low-quality posts and they will get you little to no traffic compared to a handful of high-quality posts. The reason behind this is that ultimately all search engines are businesses and they provide a service to consumers. If they provide a good experience (good search results) their customers will stay loyal to them and continue to pay them a visit, resulting them to profit and if they provide a bad experience (bad search results) their customers will go elsewhere. This is the fundamental idea behind search engine rankings, if you deserve to be on the front page you will. So while content is king and the more you have the better. It only matters when you have good content, because otherwise be prepared to join the other million results at the bottom of the list.

4. Participate And Interact

Exposure is to traffic like gasoline is to fire. This is why a big chunk of my time online is spent going through forums, answering questions, responding to comments and being involved in online communities. All these things don’t directly give me traffic but the give my blogs exposure and this exposure eventually converts into thousands of visitors and loyal fans. So you should stop just running after the numbers and try to get involved with the community. The Internet works just like real life, so interact with honesty, person to person and you will see a huge difference. Do you have any other suggestions or tips in mind? Hit us up on Twitter and share it with everybody else. Don’t worry we don’t bite 🙂

Kevin R

Kevin is a freelance author, sports enthusiast and is very passionate about blogging and technology. Being involved in the digital industry for many years, Kevin loves to write about topics that he is passionate about. Kevin was one of the first freelance authors at and continues to contribute today.

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