All over the world, once in a lifetime, everyone dreams of a better life abroad. A survey conducted by the BBC in 2006 showed that more than half of Brits are considering emigration. Big, life-changing decisions, such as moving to another country, can inevitably cause anxiety and discomfort. 

People are often afraid of the big changes that come into their lives. However, some of the best experiences and adventures come from entering into the unknown. It is essential to accept that it is reasonable to be afraid of moving abroad. I will discuss some ways of psychological preparation before entering into it.

8 ways to relieve anxiety when moving to another country:

1. The Finance Question

Usually, money is a person’s primary concern. Moving all your belongings, processing all your documents, finding a job and a place to live abroad will forever be a dent in your savings.

Useful tips: Carefully study the cost of living in your new area before you move. It is recommended to calculate how much you will need to live there for two months without any income and add 20% to that.

2. Differences and Culture Shock

A new place has new rules and challenges. You have to be ready to meet another country and its peculiarities and traditions. First of all, you can be ready for it with preparation and research before you move.

Useful tips: Learn the language before you move to another country. It will give you access to other cultures and help you understand the world around you. 

You should know enough to easily shop and ask for directions. It will make you feel comfortable and confident and help you to blend in with the people.

3. Homesickness and Loneliness

It’s very difficult to leave family and friends. If you choose a country that is far away from your home, you will probably miss home and your friends. There will be moments when you’ll wonder, “What if I don’t make friends in my new country?”

Useful tips: Remember that there are many ways to communicate with your loved ones nowadays. There is Skype, email, and messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Line, and Facebook messenger. Therefore, you can reach your loved ones from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Stay in touch with groups to help you connect with other former friends in your new city. Try to make friends. They will be your second family abroad. You need them to feel a little less alone.

4. Safety

Today more than ever, people are afraid to travel and live in new places. Everyday a lot of bad things happen in the world, and it is no wonder that people are reluctant to go abroad. However, here’s some news: the world is not that bad!

Useful tips: One way to reduce your fears is to learn everything you can about a country, including emergency numbers, any health warnings in a particular country, or common natural disasters before you start preparing to move. The greatest benefit of blogs is that they give you feedback from people with experience.

5. Failure

Unfortunately, failure is a part of life. No matter what reason you are moving abroad, you may be afraid to fail. Admit that life isn’t perfect. Look at your move as a time to change yourself and grow.

Useful tips: All situations that make you worry about moving can be greatly mitigated by careful planning. Give yourself the time needed to adjust to your new country. 

Get to know new people, explore the area, and learn as much as you can. Consider this as a stage in your life that has made you stronger, and admit that you are probably not the same person you were before you moved!

6. Documents

Paperwork is always a tedious and hard part of your move. You can be exhausted by preparing documents, getting a visa, and finding an apartment. Unfortunately, this is a significant part of your move.

Useful tips: Before you begin filling in your documents, search for an immigration guide. It is a simple way to make an easy plan for moving to another country and understanding the next step.

7. Advice

When you are afraid of moving to another country, it is a normal reaction. Generally, you try to find information about moving to another country from an experienced person. 

It would help if you were careful; not all information is correct. However, if you read a lot, you can easily identify false information.

Useful tips: Details can be found on various blogs first hand! Individuals with experience moving to different countries have many stories and can give good advice. She shares her problems, happiness, and concerns about moving away. Therefore, you can understand what you can expect and prepare for!

To Sum Up

Don’t worry about your decision too seriously. It is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in another country, try yourself, make new friends, and improve your language skills. You can always be afraid of changes in your way. However, you can learn to cope.  

You can also go back on every decision, and it is neither a failure nor a mistake. It just means that it was not the right country or time for you to move. 

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