Alison R


The reality of life is that we are only here temporarily. Whether you like it or not, the ONLY thing certain in life is death – everything else is a probability. Will you have a job tomorrow? Maybe. Will you even wake up tomorrow? Maybe. Will you be able to get to age 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90? Maybe and the list goes on. It’s quite morbid to think about life this way and honesty the first time you begin to think about life as a very uncertain cobweb of cause and effect you will likely feel more anxious and a bit unnerved. But I honestly feel there is more benefit then loss with removing this fake veil of certainty and hubristic ignorance that covers the lives of most people. With death on the mind – life becomes more finite – and therefore more precious. Your problems compared to the infinite which is death begin to look less vicious and eventually your mind begins to focus on the things that are truly important. So why don’t you start this transformation now and better your life?

Every human on this planet has the potential to be rich. Including You. But then why is it that only a handful of people do so? Well it all starts with the basics. People who are rich have learnt certain skills and techniques along the way that allow them to be so successful. These skills are what separate them from everyday people. These abilities or talents per say are what make the rich, rich‰ . Here are the 8 main differences between rich people and poor people:

In dark times of distress or worry, I always search for inspiration in people that went against the grain and against all odds succeeded. I search for inspiration in people that went out on a limb and were not afraid of what other people thought of them or whether they would fail. I search for inspiration in those epic people who put their lives in danger to change the world and I also search for inspiration in very mundane scenarios such as that one girl in class that is confident and is not afraid to look foolish by asking too many questions…

Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying: How is the person talking? If you know how the person usually talks, notice any change in speed. Is he talking faster, a lot slower, noticeably pausing, or even taking a long time to answer? Look for any change from the baseline norm he usually is at Is the person almost frozen? ….

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