Nisha B


Why do we always fail to prioritize ourselves? We always place the needs of others before our own. When life gets too busy, we miss out on the things we like and end up compromising. Quite often, we tend to place others’ needs before our own. But it’s about time you put yourself first. You can never be truly happy unless you prioritize yourself. And this starts by focusing on your well-being, taking enough rest, and fulfilling your desires. If you are still questioning whether you need to make yourself a priority, here are a few reasons that will convince you. 1. Do It For Your Health The first and foremost reason to put your needs before anything else is that your health depends on it. Putting long hours at work may be doing good for the company, but not to your health. You will end up straining yourself too much and spend the entire weekend in bed. You ignore the signals your body is giving and go about life. And then, one fine day, all the stress will kick in at once and force you to take rest…