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bettering yourself

Despite the kind of person you are, there is always a scope of bettering yourself. We all want success in our life but only the person who is continuously improving can achieve success. No one can master anything overnight. To achieve a goal you must take consistent small steps towards your goal. Therefore, today I am going to tell you 6 ways of bettering yourself. If you follow these, you can make yourself better.

1. Always Respect Yourself

Respect is a valuable thing that everyone wants and deserves. You might have heard of the saying by R.G. Risch,

Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.

Mutual respect is what helps us create strong bonds and self-respect is as important – if not more important, as mutual respect. In order for others to respect you, you have to respect yourself first.

Self-respect means giving proper attention to yourself, taking out time for yourself, and surrounding yourself with things that promote positivity in your life. Therefore, giving respect to yourself is the key to making your life better.

2. Problems are a Part of Life

Many people, including myself, become annoyed by our problems. When we face any problem we may think of ourselves as “unlucky” and some may even go as far as blaming their kismet. As humans, we enjoy happiness, not sorrow. In spite of this, we constantly face problems at every stage of our lives.

While we are not going to welcome our problems with open arms, our problems are what make us strong. They teach us the right way of doing anything and the skills we need to overcome our problems. So don’t avoid your problems as they will form you into a stronger version of yourself.

3. Don’t Join a Bad Company

Who you choose to spend your time with is really important. You begin to adopt the habits and ideals of the individuals with who you spend your time. Essentially, you should be careful in choosing who you surround yourself with. People who engage in bad habits can spoil your life badly. Spending your time with good people, who can teach you some positive things is a way of bettering yourself.

4. Spend Your Time on Valuable Things

Everyone has a limited time to live life. You cannot stop time nor you can get back your lost time. The main problem is that in spite of knowing all these things most of the people just waste every day of their life in useless things. Have you ever asked yourself what will you get by engaging in pointless activities?

I just want to say that if you continue wasting your time you can never live a better or successful life. Time is a priceless thing, therefore, you should always spend your time on valuable things. If you can understand the value of time only then, you can get a valuable life. Spend your time on those things which can reach you to your goal or success.

5. Stay Away from Your Distraction

You may want to achieve a lot of things in your life but end up getting distracted many things. Such as friends, social media, or mobile devices. It would not be wrong to say that distraction is one of the biggest enemies. If you want success in your life, distractions will make it difficult for you to reach your goal. If you try to avoid distractions but are unable to do so, try removing all distractions from your life rather than just avoiding them.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself

Everyone has the power of achieving anything. it only depends on your determination. I have seen many people limit their abilities and always stop themselves from doing big things because they are afraid.

Bettering yourself means not limiting yourself as if you limit yourself, you will never achieve your dream results. We all have the same mind so if one person can achieve success then why can’t you?

Remember, Carol Burnett said,

Only I can change myself, no one can do it for me.

Ovais R
Ovais R

Ovais is a blogger who writes about motivation and self-improvement. He aims to make peoples’ lives valuable and therefore always tries to motivate everyone. You can visit his blog, Crazy Funday, to read more of his articles.

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