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Dress For Joy: 3 Ways Dressing Well Can Lead To Improved Mental Health

“You are what you eat.”

That is what they always say, but does anyone ever agrees? *rolls eyes* 

A lot of importance is given to diet and rightly so, our health is very intricately related to what we eat and when we eat. Munching on junk food has never done any good for anyone. Thus, all the emphasis that is put on the ‘health diet’ is justified.

But, there is also another aspect that links closely to a healthy and fulfilled life, and it tends to get ignored.

“You are what you wear.”

No one can see what we eat, but everyone can see what we wear. Right? You can tell who the worst-dressed guy in your office is, but can you tell who has the worst diet? (Unless, of course, you sit across them on a dinner table!)

So, have we established that our dressing is also important? Yes! Ok then, now let’s look at how improvement in our dressing can alter our life.

Importance of Mental Health

Only a person with good mental health can lead a happy life. Considering everything is a click away, the power of social media is all about showing off. Therefore, keeping a hold of your mental health is not as easy as it seems. According to BBC, the number of students seeking mental health is increasing every year!

Mental health is considered an underlying reason for about 16% of the global burden of disease and injury for all individuals in the 10-19 age group. That is why the number of people asking for medical support around the world is rising every year.

Mental health is linked to a lot of factors that contribute to it. Dressing well and feeling good about yourself is also one of them. It is essential to know how “dieting” and “dressing well” can lead to improved mental health.

Mental Health and Clothes – How?

By now, you must be wondering, ‘how can my mental health be affected by my choice to wear denim or a jumpsuit?’

Well, let me simplify this for you!

According to a study, it was found that depressed women were more likely to wear sweatshirts and jeans! In this case, your wardrobe is affected by your mental health. So if this can work one way, it can work the other way around too.

How can the way you dress leads to improved mental health? Well, below are some reasons for how dressing for happiness can help you keep your mental health in check:

1. Performance

What if your CEO showed up to a high-profile meeting in a tracksuit?

For starters, no one would take them seriously. Their seriousness would be questioned. Everyone would wonder:

What is wrong with this person?

The fact of the matter is that the very CEO will find it difficult to perform their jobs too. Says who? Says the research suggesting that ‘wearing your role affects your performance on the task.’

What does that mean?

It means that whatever role you are playing in your life, ‘you have to dress for it.’ If you are an athlete, you should wear the right type of boxer brief, the right type of shoes, the correct type of shirts, and so on. If you are heading a high-end company, you should wear the most pristine suit.

You do that, and see your performance spike rise.

Your dressing will not only put you in the right frame of mind, but it will also put you at psychological ease because you know you have taken the right first step. When you are in a settled frame of mind, you perform right.

2. Developing Confidence

Wearing the right clothes not only enhances your performance, but it also enables you to set more ambitious goals for yourself because of your improved mental health and confidence.


Your dressing gives you a sense of belonging. If you are dressed right, you will naturally feel at home anywhere. This will reflect in your confidence and your ability to do things. When you are confident, you do something that impresses other people. Who among us doesn’t want to be liked by others? We all want that.

While self-esteem has shown not to be beneficial when it comes to success and achievement, self-confidence surely has. But, remember that in an attempt to win, you need not buy a killer suit that empties your wallet. You only need to get apparel that looks good and enhances your personality.

3. Creativity

What is fashion, if not creativity?

What is your creative potential, if not an avenue to break from the monotony of life?

So, when you do go shopping, don’t shy away from experimenting with new outfits and going away from the flock.

When you make a different choice, carry it with confidence. So, while you are being creative and improving your mental health, you also have the confidence to wear whatever you want, and however, you want to.

Now, you’re not just fashionable but also mentally healthy. There is nothing else you would want to be happy in your life.

Final Word

We have made a case for improving your dressing habits if you want to have improved mental health. However, this in no way means that you can treat mental illnesses by merely indulging in the right type of dressing, or your worries and distress will vanish once you dress in an expensive suit.

We have numerous stories from all over the world where mental illnesses have taken the lives of people. From Robin Williams to Chester Bennington, mental health affects us all. So, be it through dressing or any other way, always remember to break the cycle of psychological stress.

It is still essential to seek out medical help if your mental health begins to spiral out of control. Moreover, you should always remain mindful of even the slightest variation and disturbance in your mental health, and when you feel that, don’t shy from reaching for help.

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Justin Cody
Justin Cody

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