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Employee motivation can be quite rewarding to team members of any workplace, irrespective of big or small. It boosts the overall performance of any team and lends a directional force to guide the team the right way. Motivation skills are essentially the backbone of any organization.  Therefore they should be positively rendered for the growth of both the team and the enterprise.

Motivation Techniques to Boost Employee Performance:

1. Arrive at Work in a Good Mood

Being in a good mood and positive spirit is a key factor for motivation. Staying composed in times of crisis fosters employee motivation to a whole new stand. It definitely impacts the working style and influences others to work with a common goal. Motivation can be empowered by nourishing good work skills and by having an open platform.

2. Let People Know What You Expect

Employee motivation begins with being open about your thoughts and opinions. By stimulating employee motivation, great deals of expectations can be achieved and set rolling. Motivation makes people perform at their best during a time of crisis.

3. Provide Regular Feedback

Providing regular feedback helps employee motivation to stay on track. Particularly, regular meets and group discussions foster motivation between members. This helps to stay focused on the goal. With positive feedback and regular appraisals, a team can channel towards a driving force by motivation

4. Help People Grow and Develop

It is by supporting others that a company or an organization moves ahead. Employee motivation is about boosting the performance of team members and appreciating their hard work. On the whole, motivation helps the team build strong ethics and a proper foundation. Also, try advocating for the use of management books on employee motivation to others for better results.

5. Give People Space and Choice

Resolving issues and giving way for other ideas is a major part of employee motivation. As a matter of fact, it instills confidence and builds key skills for leadership and handling management strategies. By lending a helping hand and adapting brainstorming sessions, motivation paves way for solutions. Employee motivation gives others support for moving ahead and supporting the team and its growth.

The Pitfalls of Workplace Motivation

Workplace Motivation has become a necessity in today’s corporate world. A common workplace attitude is employees working nonstop just for pay. 

At the same time, the only priority of team leaders is to think of ways to retain power and control and maintain the status quo. In such a scenario, getting the job done is lowest on the priority list of both team members and leaders who need to increase their efficiency through workplace motivation.

1. Individual Employees Are Motivated in Different Ways

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, commercial success depends largely on the talent pool. Which in turn thrives on the basis of workplace motivation. This makes it all the more important to ensure that employees use their full potential. This cannot be possible without proper workplace motivation.

Though there is a myriad of practices related to workplace motivation, managers often find themselves at a loss when deciding the ideal model of workplace motivation for their company. One of the major reasons behind the difficulty in building workplace motivation is that individual employees are motivated by different things and in different ways.

2. Workplace Motivation Model

Deciding on the best model of workplace motivation for a company becomes more difficult if employees are working part-time or are on limited-term contracts. Workplace motivation ensures workplace efficiency, employee performance, as well as job security. Though there are no real disadvantages to having a workplace motivation model in place, there can be some pitfalls.

3. Unawareness or Absence of Managers

One of the major pitfalls of workplace motivation is unaware or absent managers. Workplace motivation can also suffer due to improper infrastructural support and outdated equipment. The entrenched attitude of certain employees is yet another barrier that workplace motivation has to overcome. Some major hurdles in implementing workplace motivation are employees’ qualms about overtime, work being out of their job description or a clueless manager.

4. Insecurity Among Managers

Another major pitfall of workplace motivation is that it may cause insecurity among managers. Especially if the organization indulges in de-layering and flattening of hierarchies.  A workplace motivation model as such can also lead to lower staff morale. Furthermore, as work environments in most companies keep evolving, workplace motivation should keep pace with the same. Always remember that work motivation is the foundation for higher employee productivity and greater employee happiness.

For instance, by using a skillful approach and a positive mental attitude, motivation enhances organizational behaviour. Motivation demonstrates how employees are treated with respect and dignity. Furthermore, it also helps develop a strong bonding among the team members and boosts their team spirit. Now that we all know the significant role communication plays at the workplace, we can easily conclude by saying that employee motivation plays a more than important role in boosting up employee performance levels and crucial to the success of any business.

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