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How To Write Catchy Blog Titles + 100 Viral Headline Words & Adjectives

I don’t know how to say this in a nicer way… But I want to be upfront and honest with you. “If your blog titles stink your blog will fail no matter how good your blog content is.” There’s some logic behind this. When a reader searches for a topic on Google, they are given 10 results on the first page that best match their keyword, which is entirely up to Google. (This ranking is based on a complex algorithm, which includes various elements and is the basis for search engine optimization or SEO, which is the process of adjusting your content to improve rankings in SERPs).

I don’t know how to say this in a nicer way… But I want to be upfront and honest with you. “If your blog titles stink your blog will fail no matter how good your blog content is.” There’s some logic behind this. When a reader searches for a topic on Google, they are given 10 results on the first page that best match their keyword, which is entirely up to Google. (This ranking is based on a complex algorithm, which includes various elements and is the basis for search engine optimization or SEO, which is the process of adjusting your content to improve rankings in SERPs).

Blog Titles & Headlines

Once you’re post makes it to the first SERP on Google. It’s up to you your blog post title to bring it home![/caption] After this, the reader selects a link, which is now up to you. If you have a bad title: 1. You probably won’t be on the first page and 2. If you somehow do make it there, users are much more likely to click the more attractive post title over yours even if your content is 100 times better. It’s just human nature. “We DO judge a book by its cover” so get over it, make great content and make an even greater title to go with it. All of this starts with the words you choose.

5 Tips to Make Your Blogs Titles & Headlines Irresistible:

  1. Quickly Define What the Article Is About

Don’t beat around the bush. If your article is about apples, then the word apple should be in your title. Your target phrase, apple, in this case, should come early and preferably not at the end.  Be precise and don’t fill your article with fluff. The worst titles are the ones that are vague and try to do just too much ex:

GOOD Blog Title – Apples taste great with dairy products

BAD Blog Title – Milk tastes good with Apples like most dairy products do

Note this doesn’t mean that you must make your title short (I mean just look at the title of this post, it’s a mammoth), long titles are also fine if they are to the point. They can also help your SEO if you choose good keywords.

  1. Use Numbers to Attract Eyeballs

There is a reason Buzzfeed and “List” blogs have gotten so popular. Copywriters love to use a number in titles now because numbers in blog titles have a magnetic effect on eyeballs. The Internet along with society has moved towards “fast consumption of ideas”. We want to instantly know what an article or post is about before we invest out time reading it. The times have changed from when a user would visit your website and read a 5000-word article. A user could now go on Google, type a query and open 10 different result in 10 different tabs and bounce through each tab them one by one, skipping posts that don’t quickly get to the point. And if all of that didn’t persuade you. Here’s a quick example: which title would you click?

Blog Title with Numbers15 Scientifically backed benefits you get from eating apples

Blog Title without Numbers – Scientific research shows eating apples is beneficial to your health Should be self-explanatory 🙂

  1. Use Eye-Catching Adjectives and Power Words

Adjectives and color words are very important in capturing eyeballs and getting readers to click on your blog headlines. Blogging is not a platform just for those APA styled, in-citation, scientific essay’s you wrote for your English 101 class in freshman year. It’s a platform to be expressive, opinionated and colorful. If readers wanted a scientific dry essay they can just as easily find a journal article on Google Scholar. So, have some fun with your posts! 🙂 Color words and adjectives significantly increase your click through rate for example which of the following blog titles/headlines would you more likely click:

Blog Title with Color Words –  9 Powerful Ways Apples Can Revitalize Your Health

Blog Title without Color WordsApples Can Improve Your Health

  1. Propose A Question & Intrigue Peoples Curiosity

Who, What, When, Where, Why and particularly “How” are key trigger words that pique your curiosity. These words instantly put you in “Answer mode” and make you try to answer the question to yourself. If you can answer it great, but if you can’t… you will be very, very tempted to click on the post. For example, which blog headline would you rather click:

Blog Title Proposed as A QuestionIs Your Boss Not Giving You a Promotion? Learn Why

Blog Title Not Proposed as A QuestionReasons Why Your Boss Is Not Giving You a Promotion

So, try to sprinkle these trigger words in your titles and if possible propose your topic as a question. By doing so I’m confident you will notice a significant increase in the click-through rate of your blog headlines and titles.

  1. Be A Little Audacious & A Bit Overconfident

Blogging is a medium where you can express yourself and make your opinion known without any reservations. This is what makes blogging so much different from other mediums such as say hard news or research papers; you’re supposed to have an opinion.  So, make your blog titles and headlines bold, captivating and confident! It will make your posts look that much more attractive and this will significantly improve your click-through rate. Here’s an example:

Blog Title That Projects ConfidenceWant to Make Money from Blogging Online? Eat Apples!

Blog Title That Is Neutral There Is a Correlation Between Eating Apples and Making Money Online Note this tip comes with a small disclaimer.

Used in moderation confidence is great but overdone it can risk making your posts come across as spam and even “fake news.” So, don’t overdo the confidence!

Tools for Better Bog Headlines & Titles

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer CoSchedule has a nifty tool to analyze blog post titles that you can sue for free. You just type in your post headline or title and it will give you a score out of 100 plus tips to improve your headline. While I don’t feel it’s 100% accurate it is a good starting point, particularly for beginners. Blog Post Title Generator If these tips aren’t enough and you’re a teensy bit lazy 😉 you can use this blog title generator to generate ideas for your next awesome blog post. You just input your main keyword and the tool will generate hundreds of title ideas you can use.

100 Exciting Headline Words & Adjectives to Increase Viral Blog Traffic

It’s time to make your headlines psychologically IRRESITABLE.

Remember when you were in grade school and your teacher told you to “never judge a book by its cover”? And maybe at that time in your life, you really took that advice to heart? I surely did, at the library, I would always read the summary at the back of novel even if the book sleeve was boring and ugly. But man fasts forward a couple decades and oh how have things changed. One kids nowadays don’t go to libraries even close to as much as we did (Thanks, Steve Jobs?) and two modern-day humans have the attention span of squirrel 🙂 and everything is judged at face-value. Don’t like a TV channel, click, and now you have 200 more options. Start a movie on Netflix and don’t like the first 10 seconds, click, thousands of new movie options. Don’t like a song playing on Spotify, click, millions of new song options. Why this matters to you is that blogging also faces to same “short-attention-span” problem. Say your blog is about WordPress plugins and you have a great article that ranks in the top 10 on Google for the search query “Top WordPress plugins to speed up your blog”. As soon as a user searches for this query and the results show on Google, your blog must compete with the other top queries in not just ranking but the ability to attract eyeballs. Because users on search engines don’t care or have the time to determine if you have the best content from all the front-page results. They are looking for an instant answer to their query and the winning blog post, the one that gets clicked, will always be the one that has the best title or “cover”. So, with that said it’s your job that if you want your blog to be successful and your posts to get the traffic you must write attractive catchy blog headlines & titles. I’ve written a few guides on this topic but in this post, I simply want to share with you a list of “spice” words and adjectives which if added to your titles will help to significantly increase your click-through rate.

100 Headline Words & Adjectives to Help Your Blog Posts Go Viral:

So, with no further ado here they are. After many years writing I’ve made a sort of personal reference documents of things I like to include in my writing. This is a small portion of that guide (maybe I’ll write an eBook on writing blog posts in the future). But for now, h­ere are 100 tile words & adjectives which I regularly use in headlines to make readers look twice and click!

  1. Exclusive

  2. Powerful

  3. Limited

  4. Free

  5. Tested

  6. Improved

  7. Lifetime

  8. Expert

  9. Advice

  10. Focus

  11. Colourful

  12. Daring

  13. Ultimate

  14. Easily

  15. Approved

  16. Expert

  17. Obsession

  18. Scarce

  19. Outstanding

  20. Rare

  21. Liberal

  22. Edge

  23. Superior

  24. Gigantic

  25. Love

  26. Excellent

  27. Luxury

  28. Astonishing

  29. Beautiful

  30. Urgent

  31. Enormous

  32. Survival

  33. Practical

  34. Unlock

  35. Future

  36. Fortune

  37. Soar

  38. Emerging

  39. Lavishly

  40. Skill

  41. Launching

  42. Tremendous

  43. Odd

  44. Mainstream

  45. Willpower

  46. Attractive

  47. Reward

  48. Strange

  49. Quick

  50. Full

  51. Easy

  52. Simplistic

  53. Destiny

  54. Energy

  55. Zinger

  56. Sure Fire

  57. Spotlight

  58. Immediately

  59. Tested

  60. Wonderful

  61. Informative

  62. Mainstream

  63. Complete

  64. Terrific

  65. Innovative

  66. Fundamentals

  67. Last Chance

  68. Genuine

  69. Value

  70. Technology

  71. Bonanza

  72. Crammed

  73. Revolutionary

  74. Magical

  75. Miracle

  76. Surprise

  77. Portfolio

  78. Revealing

  79. Latest

  80. High Tech

  81. Imagination

  82. Announcing

  83. Astonishing

  84. Helpful

  85. Monumental

  86. Colourful

  87. Unsurpassed

  88. Liberal

  89. Endorsed

  90. Rare

  91. Shrewd

  92. Spotlight

  93. Obsession

  94. Confidential

  95. Scarce

  96. Secret

  97. Just Arrive

  98. Mammoth

  99. Wealth

  100. Delightful

Best of Luck! 🙂

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