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6 Toxic Behaviors You Should Avoid at All Costs

Code of Living Author

By: Nisha B – 1 week 4 days​ ago
Toxic Behaviors You Should Avoid

One major factor that impacts our lives is our behavior. While good habits can positively enhance your life, certain toxic habits can hurt your mental health and well be. These toxic behaviors are only capable of causing serious harm to you, they drag you down, hold you back and are the cause of your suffering. You may not even realize it, but it, in the long run, it can become highly destructive. They have the power to suck out the very joy and happiness within you. You start noticing it when you see your life filled with stress, anger, and other unwelcome feelings. Freeing yourself from these toxic behaviors will help you avoid all the sadness and help you see the world as a happier space to be in...