Mental Health

Sometimes, when we’re depressed, we want to run and hide. We wish to swap places with some people to get rid of our own life. If this is how you feel right now, it is time for you to withdraw from the accusing game. By doing something about it, you can start a new life where you are now. A stagnant life will never help you progress. Overcome it, as if you are conquering an injury. You may think that you will never get up again because of something bad have occurred. Because of the bruise from that injury, you avoid going out. But choosing this route will make your life fade. Hit the restart button. It is like having a real injury. The only way to heal is to begin utilizing the injured part of your body again. And to regain happiness, you must start working on your goals again to achieve them.

Henry David Thoreau once said that “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” I find this to be overwhelmingly accurate for myself. Travelling is the sweet state of limbo, where for a few days or weeks you live in another world. It’s an escape. It’s shedding your comforts to find your freedom. And for as long as I can remember, I have been exploring the world around me. I spent my childhood in the mountains of Idaho poking at bugs, running from snakes, and swimming in glacier lakes. I spent my teenage years doing much of the same. And my adult years I spent travelling from state to state for work. However, as a life-long adventurer, I suffer from this annoying, but fairly severe character quirk called anxiety. Through my years of battling this menace, I have learned how to calm myself when I’m freaking the eff out on the road. Here’s how you too can travel when travelling gives you anxiety:

When it comes to depression… You can either do nothing – Depression eats on people with no courage. So if you want you can continue to do nothing and fuel your depression. This will not just make your life worse but in the long run it will affect your health and longevity. OR You can “DO SOMETHING” – This is the best thing you can do for yourself as it will not just bring you back to regular life but it help you heal your wounds. So if you feel that you are committed to get your life back, here is how you can conquer depression:

Sleep is reasonably the most important thing in life and without it your life can become miserable. Unfortunately a huge problem faced by people today is getting sleep. I have found 3 tips about sleep that really work and if you can follow these tips, you will not just fall asleep faster, but your quality of sleep will improve.