Self Discipline


Between April 30 and May 6 of this year, families, schools, and communities will vow to live their lives for a week screen free. During these days, individuals will plan to unplug from digital entertainment, instead of spending their time reading, creating, and reconnecting to family and friends. This initiative provides those participating a chance to get a break from technology and enjoy the entertainment that is their life. Research has suggested that social media and excessive screen time may be parts of the cause for a rise in depression and suicide among American children and teens. The same study found that those who experience more face-to-face time and less screen time are less likely to be depressed or suicidal. In the digital age, we are surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that take our attention from the important things (and people) in our lives. If you find yourself at a crossroads with your technology habits, consider a digital diet.

Why self-knowledge is so important for everyone and how to gain knowledge of self-are the two issues that psychologists are asked most often! In fact, today a lot of people really understand that without self-knowledge they can’t develop their personality and this is the main reason why they usually turn for psychological care looking for the professional responses to these questions.Many famous and successful people have already expressed their thoughts regarding self-knowledge and self-improvement. Some of such statements became rather popular. And if you surf the Internet, you may find hundreds of amazing quotes about self-knowledge meaning. In the last little while I have searched and consumed the contents of the most interesting quote sites and now I wish to quote, in my mind, the best one: Self-knowledge is the beginning of self-improvement. This is the most popular Baltasar Gracian quote that reflects the true essence of such a unique process called self-knowledge…

To conquer any problem in your life, you must first properly understand it. If you know the root cause behind the issue or problem. You can target it and rather than just quiet the problem, completely destroy it. That is why I’ll try to explain to you the root cause behind patience. This resultantly will teach you how to be more patient in your life. Patience as we all know is an asset…

Many people have outbursts of emotion in difficult situations. They become overwhelmed or even paralyzed and face a lack of self- control. People who are more resilient in such situations are known as emotionally strong. These people face their life challenges directly and are able to endure stress and whatever else life chucks at them. Everybody has the ability to become emotionally strong, but only through persistence.

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