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For me Happiness is that light feeling you get when you’re relaxed and free. It’s that sensation you get when your entire body resonates something that is deep inside of you.

Happiness is the one emotion that single handedly turns the entire world.

Here are 7 timeless ways you can be happy:

At this very moment there are thousands of people who are lost and confused because they don’t know the answers to their lives. What should I do? How should I fix this? How should I do that? Why is this happening? Why did that happen? Here are some ways you can find answers in your life:

We as humans are constantly in a pursuit for happiness. Only problem is that during our pursuit, we sometimes end up going after the wrong things. This lack of direction leads us to forget what is really important. Here are 4 tips that I have used to find happiness in my life, and hopefully you can use them to find happiness in yours:

I was once planning and organizing a project for school, when I had the strangest idea.I had never made a plan in my life that had worked 100%. This realization at first got me feeling pretty disappointed, but it made me realize a vital thing. Life was bound to change and no matter what I planned; life always had its own plans. So regardless of what I did, life could change in an instance and I would have to be prepared. This led me to discover the importance of Flexibility.

99% of the people, who smell “bad”, don’t know until someone tells them. So if someone has not told you that you smell bad, it certainly doesn’t mean that you smell good. Always keep a close watch on your hygiene and cleanliness and be critical about yourself.

Many people have outbursts of emotion in difficult situations. They become overwhelmed or even paralyzed and face a lack of self- control. People who are more resilient in such situations are known as emotionally strong. These people face their life challenges directly and are able to endure stress and whatever else life chucks at them. Everybody has the ability to become emotionally strong, but only through persistence.

These are they type of things people say every single day. Only problem is they do nothing to achieve these things. You can’t simply say “I want to be happy” and expect it to happen. To be happy and content you must work for it.