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Nobody on this earth can describe what happiness truly is, yet everybody claims to have experienced it. Why do you think it’s like that? It’s because the majority of people on this planet don’t understand the psychology of happiness.

People believe that happiness is acquired from gaining things and that happiness is directly correlated with what they do in their lives. They feel that happiness is just like the other cause and effects in this world, and that a certain thing that they acquire or gain will in effect bring them happiness.

The human brain is very easily influenced and therefore it is very easily distracted. That’s why it is really tough to get motivated, even when you really want to do something.

So maybe you’re working on a grueling essay or have to clean the entire house. How do you instantly motivate yourself to get going?

Beneath all of man’s common wishes, there is always a strong desire for true happiness. This desire for happiness is what turns this world round and makes us function day in and day out, but there is one question?

If everybody wants happiness and everybody searches for it then why can’t everybody find it?

When facing difficult situations or problems, people generally tend to forget procedures or technique. They simply want to end the issue they have at hand and therefore approach their problem incorrectly or too impatiently. This not just blows the issue out of proportion but it also makes the issue even harder to handle. These strategies will help you approach problems in the correct way, so that whenever you do face problems you won’t get overwhelmed by them and that you will be able to defeat them.