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Every single person on this earth, including you and me has one main thing in common; we are all aiming for success in our own unique ways.

But the question is; are we doing it right?

Success overall is a very precise thing like a mathematical formula. If you plug in the right inputs you “will” get certain outputs.

Terrific you’re here! The first step to overcoming any problem is to realize that there is one. One thing I’ve learnt throughout my life is that absolutely nothing will happen if you continue waiting for a miracle. The way to success is not to wait for something to happen but to take a step and work towards your goal. You have to realize this is what I want to change and this is how I will change it.

In my entire life I can honestly say that I have only met a handful of people who I consider to be genuinely happy. These people on the outside seem astonishingly ordinary, but once you get to know them intimately you really begin to feel that these people have found the secret to happiness.

There are thousands of articles that discuss success and finding success, but what all of them seem to miss is the vital basics. They all focus on the superficial things and never truly hit the important points.

I hope to change that by taking a more direct approach with this article. 4 Fundamental Rules to Finding Success:

The root of success arises from self confidence. If you can’t trust your abilities, qualities and judgements, nobody else will trust them either. How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you, so your perception of yourself is critical. These 15 strategies will help you get that mental perception of yourself that will allow you to succeed in life.