People Skills


Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying: How is the person talking? If you know how the person usually talks, notice any change in speed. Is he talking faster, a lot slower, noticeably pausing, or even taking a long time to answer? Look for any change from the baseline norm he usually is at Is the person almost frozen? ….

I was once planning and organizing a project for school, when I had the strangest idea.I had never made a plan in my life that had worked 100%. This realization at first got me feeling pretty disappointed, but it made me realize a vital thing. Life was bound to change and no matter what I planned; life always had its own plans. So regardless of what I did, life could change in an instance and I would have to be prepared. This led me to discover the importance of Flexibility.

99% of the people, who smell “bad”, don’t know until someone tells them. So if someone has not told you that you smell bad, it certainly doesn’t mean that you smell good. Always keep a close watch on your hygiene and cleanliness and be critical about yourself.