Success Skills


Every human on this planet has the potential to be rich. Including You. But then why is it that only a handful of people do so? Well it all starts with the basics. People who are rich have learnt certain skills and techniques along the way that allow them to be so successful. These skills are what separate them from everyday people. These abilities or talents per say are what make the rich, rich‰ . Here are the 8 main differences between rich people and poor people:

There’s a quote by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya I really like: “This world is like a shadow. If you try to catch it, you will never be able to. Turn your back on it, and it has no choice but to follow you.”I like thinking about that quote when I want to achieve something. It convinces me that in a harmonious and balanced state of mind, the solution comes more easily. But it’s hard to get to that balanced state of mind when we’re chasing so many goals at the same time. Most people are perfectionists to the bone…

In my profession as a consultant I am lucky to have the opportunity to meet and talk to many people from various backgrounds. What I have found is that when it comes to success, the things that are preventing you from becoming successful aren’t always the things in front of you but things inside of you; particularly the things inside of your head. Your thoughts have such a profound effect on your actions, that you might be suspired to discover that the reason why you’re still a failure is that while you were so busy trying to conquer the world you forgot to conquer your own mind.