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6 Surefire Ways to make Yourself Miserable

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By: Alison R – 6 years 7 months​ ago
6 Surefire Ways to make Yourself Miserable

Normally on you expect articles that tell you what to do or how to set things right. But today I plan to spice things up a bit by writing about things you should avoid rather than do.

So here it is 6 ways you make your life miserable each and every day.

1. Complain About Things

When you complain you don’t just waste time but you increase your stress level. You say so many negative things that you don’t just end up feeling bad for yourself but you feel insecure and smaller because life seems so out of control.

You therefore set your standards low and make excuses for all of your failures. This results in you being less successful and less happy.

So just stop complaining.

2. Count Your Blessings Troubles

Why would you want to purposely make yourself feel bad?

By counting your troubles you are simply setting yourself up for depression and other problems. The reason being that negativity leads to stress and discomfort which then leads to more serious problems.

So unless you enjoy hurting yourself, no pun intended just don’t do it.

3. Habitually Compare Yourself With Others

I have very unfortunate news a new disease called “Chronic Comparing Disorder” has spread and has now affected the majority of the world.

Everybody does this, but once it starts happening too much it becomes very problematic.  So regardless of if you feel inferior or in reverse superior, it’s bad and will eventually make you miserable.

4. Don’t Forgive

I think people enjoy having a certain burden on themselves; I have no other explanation to explain why people don’t forgive.

By not forgiving you only hurt yourself as you carry the burden for the other person. You carry the other person’s problem and stupidity and therefore only make yourself miserable.

5. Don’t Believe In Yourself

By simply not believing in yourself you limit your opportunity for success, happiness and achievement. You limit your potential and therefore limit your emotion.

This constant push down doesn’t just makes you feel unconfident but makes you miserable.

6. Don’t try Your Hardest

When you give a halfhearted effort you will always get a halfhearted result. This alone can be quite depressing for some people. But the truth is that by not trying your hardest each time, you feel bad simply knowing you could do more.

This constant reminder that you failed will not just make you miserable but crazy.

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