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How do I Find Happiness

Code of Living Author

By: Alison R – 5 years 11 months​ ago
How do I Find Happiness

Beneath all of man’s common wishes, there is always a strong desire for true happiness.


This desire for happiness is what turns this world round and makes us function day in and day out, but there is one question?

If everybody wants happiness and everybody searches for it then why can’t everybody find it?

The main reason why is that most people look for happiness with the wrong perspective and they don’t see beyond what is right in front of them. There is a certain technique to it.

These steps will help you find happiness in your life:

1.      Find Your True Self

Everybody has different goals, different ambitions and different emotions; then how is possible that everybody can have the same path to happiness.

It’s not. Happiness is unique to everybody and therefore everybody must find their own way.  

So before you can even start finding happiness you must first understand true self and truly find out who you are.

2.      Understand What Makes You Happy

If you completed the first step this should come easy to you.

What are your desires in life? You can try listing them or even saying them out loud but the main point is that you get your thoughts out of your head and into the real world.

This will help you get your thoughts straight and into perspective.

3.      Focus and Plan

If you know what you want than what are you waiting for? Chase your desires. Happiness is not something that will come to you; you have to go out and take it.

This goal setting alone will make you feel better because when you mentally know that you are prepared for something you value; you will feel happier just knowing.

4.      Ditch the Theatrics

Stop worrying and stressing over useless things; if you know what is important to you than there are no reasons to worry about everything.

Note: This doesn’t mean you become self-centered and ignore people. It simply means you bring the useless worrying down a notch and focus more on yourself.

5.      Find Out What Success Mean to You

Don’t measure yourself to other people’s standards. Make your own standards and build from that. The meaning of success is different for everybody and you must find your own.    

Remember “how successful you think you are” and “happiness” goes hand in hand.

6.      Focus on the Positives in Life

There are “always” more positives in life than negatives.

So whenever you face a difficult situation don’t get swallowed in your own self-pity. Focus on the positives in your life and move on.

7.      Understand That You Deserve Happiness

Don’t stop yourself from being happy, you have the right to experience happiness just as the next person.

Don’t make excuses for yourself and give yourself what you are due.