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3 Ways (And Reasons) To Make Yourself A Priority

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By: Nisha B – 6 months 1 week​ ago
Make Yourself A Priority

Why do we always fail to prioritize ourselves? We always place the needs of others before our own. When life gets too busy, we miss out on the things we like and end up compromising. Quite often, we tend to place others' needs before our own. But it’s about time you put yourself first. You can never be truly happy unless you prioritize yourself. And this starts by focusing on your well-being, taking enough rest, and fulfilling your desires. If you are still questioning whether you need to make yourself a priority, here are a few reasons that will convince you.

1. Do It For Your Health

The first and foremost reason to put your needs before anything else is that your health depends on it. Putting long hours at work may be doing good for the company, but not to your health. You will end up straining yourself too much and spend the entire weekend in bed. You ignore the signals your body is giving and go about life. And then, one fine day, all the stress will kick in at once and force you to take rest. Lack of sleep weakens your immunity. You become more vulnerable to nasty illnesses, which can affect your work. So, to avoid that, make sure to make time to relax. If not for any other reason, think about your wellbeing. Only when you are feeling bright and healthy can you perform well in your professional and personal life. 

2. Your Relationships Will Flourish

When you start paying more attention to yourself, you will notice that you have actually grown closer to the people in your life. Wondering how? Well, when you make time for yourself, you let your partner enjoy their 'me' time as well, which rejuvenates both of you. When you are in a happy place in life, you are in a better mood. You are nice to be around when you are well rested, relaxed, and centered. Think about it – when you are stressed out, unhappy, and not fulfilled, would you be enjoyable to be around? No, because you will never be able to be truly present at the moment. Your friends, partner, or family will feel happier around you when you make yourself a priority. 

3. It Will Make You Happier

Ever wondered why your life seems so dull and unhappy? Well, that’s because you are spending all your time in pleasing others. Don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself. Whether you like a relaxing session at the spa, listening to music, or maybe taking a walk in the park, just do it. You only live once, so why not make the most of it? This time you are spending is non-negotiable. Clear your schedule and mark things that you want to do, and see how they impact your mood. You will start smiling more and be happier. This all happens because your desires will not be left unfulfilled. And you will feel happier from within. A positive vibe develops around you that even makes those around you happy. 

These are a few reasons why you need to make yourself a priority. Now that you know why you need to make yourself a priority, here’s how you can start doing it right away.

Effective Ways To Make Yourself A Priority

It all begins with self-awareness. You should know when you are too tired, when you need a break, when you need help, and when you desire something. And who is better to take care of yourself than you? You need to take a stand for yourself and make a change to your lifestyle. Adding more time every day for yourself and less for others. These three ways will make sure you put your needs first before everyone else’s.

1. Create Some Non-Negotiable Rules

Make a list of things you should do and stick to it. Incorporate things you would like to do on a daily basis and include some long-term plans as well. Your list should contain time slots, where you allocate time to others and make time for YOU. Here are some rituals you can add to your list:

  • Have a healthy breakfast before heading to work.
  • Take short breaks now and then.
  • Avoid working late and come home soon.
  • Spend some time practicing yoga/meditation.
  • Turn the phone off or put it in silent mode during dinner or family time.

Try to stick to these rules and you will see how you start prioritizing yourself each day. It may seem like a lot at once, but you could gradually kick in some of these habits and push in more time for yourself.

2. Simplify Your Day

Filling your day with more tasks than you can handle will only end up frustrating you. Don’t plan too many things on one single day – early presentations, client meetings, party with friends, a date, etc. It can get too hectic, and you will end up not being able to commit to anything completely. Simplify your focus and prioritize what you need to do first. Sort out things like relationships, work, and friends, and make more time for yourself. Don’t fill the day up with too many tasks and get to bed late and wake up all cranky the next morning. Organize your day’s plans and delete what's unnecessary. Do only what is at priority and postpone the rest for another day. 

3. Take A Time-Out

Sometimes, it’s good to be alone. It gives you time to think about yourself. When you are alone, there’s no way you can neglect your needs. You will be able to follow your passion and feel more at peace and fulfilled. Whether its relationships or work, everything is time-consuming. So, it’s nice to take a break once in a while and explore your feelings and grow personally.

These are a few reasons you need to make yourself a priority and how you can do it. Don’t wait long enough, start now before it’s too late and you lose yourself to the world.


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