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How to think clearly

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
How to think clearly

Whenever you have a lot on your mind and are stressed out, it is very hard to think clearly and make a decision.

It is at these moments you must know how to clear your mind, so you can produce that clear answer, you want.

Try some of these tips to clear your head:


The first thing you want to do is go to the essentials.

Breathe and slow down for a couple of seconds. Take a large breath in through your nose. Hold … and then slowly release through your mouth.

This will make your body calm down. Plus by taking large breaths you intake a lot of oxygen which will help your brain think more effectively.

Make a mental list

Whenever you feel you have too many thoughts floating around in your head. Try to organize them in a mental list.

You will find that we can quite easily make lists in our head, and that lists are quite effective in helping you think clearly.

Take these 2 thought processes for example what seems easier and clearer: As a list or as a thought cloud?

  • Do the dishes
  • Get the groceries
  • Clean the garage
  • Fix the computer
  • Deposit check


Remove negative and incomplete thoughts

Remove incomplete thoughts from your mind. So say during a planning process you come up with an idea, but your peers disagree. Remove it from your mind and keep your head clear.

You can always recall the thought when needed, why take trouble of keeping it in your head the whole time.

Also In your mind there are always thoughts that aren’t needed and aren’t productive. So thoughts about failing and other negativities; get rid of them.

Get your blood pumping

By not moving too much your blood tends to settle. Whenever you want to think clearly, get up and move around.

This way your heart pumps a little faster and more blood is sent to your head. More blood means more oxygen, and more oxygen means a more effective brain.

Good luck on thinking more clearly!


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