Why LeBron? Well, I feel he’s the best basketball player in the world (…let the Jordan debate begin), and there are many tricks you can learn from his success.

1. LeBron’s Passing Skills

LeBron James is arguably the best passer in the NBA. With merely a flick of the writs and a pop of his hands, he can fire a pass 25 feet in a straight line. What does that have to do with blogging? Well blogging is a team sport and Google is the referee; you can’t expect to win unless you share and assist your fellow bloggers. To be successful at blogging you want to become a staple in your niche blog community. You should be:

  • Posting comments and giving feedback to neighboring blogs
  • Joining in on events that happen in your community
  • Linking neighboring blogs and resources in your posts
  • Writing guest posts for other blogs in your niche

2. LeBron’s Versatile Offense

There isn’t a lot missing from LeBron’s offensive arsenal. He can play you up front, in the post and has even locked down a sweet jumper from beyond the arc. How this applies to you as a blogger is that you should be attacking the market in every way. Most traditional bloggers tend to get locked up in just writing articles when the entire landscape of how users get information has changed. To be successful at blogging you want to beef up your arsenal and give information to your users through every medium. You should be:

  • Using a unique writing voice to give information your users can read
  • Using podcasts to give information your users can listen
  • Using slideshows to give information your users can refer to
  • Using videos to give information your readers can watch

3. LeBron’s All-Round Defense

LeBron James has the ability to play defense on the quickest guards and the strongest forwards. He will at one moment be guarding the point guard and then the next a center. His versatility makes him currently the best defender in the league. This might seem irrelevant to blogging but his ability to adapt to different people is what is so important. To do well in blogging you should be able to cater to all users. Every blog community is unique and it is up to you to read the player and change your defense accordingly (…see what I did there). You should:

  • Make it easy for users to get from point A to B
  • Optimize your blog for different languages and countries
  • Use good typography and make your blog readable
  • Use a good web host that scales as you grow and keeps alive if your post goes viral

4. LeBron’s Rebounding Ability

LeBron tracks rebounds like their prey and once he decides to go get them, nobody really stands a chance. How you can learn from this skill as a blogger is that once you set your eye on something, make sure you get it. Set regular goals and try to reach them daily. These short term goals should eventually translate to your larger long term goals. There should never be a moment during your blogging career where you aren’t working towards some sort of goal.

5. LeBron’s Freakish Motor

To his opponents, it seems like he just never stops attacking. LeBron James is a machine on the basketball court and just keeps going until the job is done.  His persistence is what you should apply to blogging. While it’s important you don’t publish meaningless posts, it’s essential that you update very frequently to keep your readers interested. Blogs that don’t get frequently updated get pushed back, not just in the mind of the user but in search engines as well. Regular updates are vital to the success of a blog. You should be:

  • Posting fresh “staple content” (articles, podcasts etc.) at least twice a week
  • Posting shareable content (images, videos, infographics etc.) at least 10 times a week
  • Sending out hundreds of Tweets, Facebook updates, and Instagram pictures a week
  • Regularly commenting and being involved in your niches blog community

6. LeBron’s Social Portfolio

As if LeBron wasn’t already well-known, he has now begun to dabble in many social networks to extend his reach. I feel LeBron’s model for social networking is the best method for blogging as well.

  1. First, create value in your content and in what you’re offering. There is no point in sharing content that is meaningless.
  2. Create excitement
  3. Then use social networks to resonate this excitement

7. LeBron’s Endorsements

LeBron makes over $40 million a year in star endorsements from the worlds biggest brands like Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. While I can honestly guarantee you won’t see that type of money through blogging, you can still become very wealthy. You can use various methods to make money from your blog:

  • Place ads such as Google AdSense
  • Join an Affiliate Program
  • Sell your own products

That’s the end of my LeBron James blogging guide! Tell me which athlete I should use for the next guide in my “Athlete Series” on Twitter!

Kevin R

Kevin is a freelance author, sports enthusiast and is very passionate about blogging and technology. Being involved in the digital industry for many years, Kevin loves to write about topics that he is passionate about. Kevin was one of the first freelance authors at CodeofLiving.com and continues to contribute today.

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