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How to overcome failure

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By: Alison R – 7 years 5 months​ ago
How to overcome failure

Failure and life go hand in hand.

It’s impossible to live your life and not face failure. Many a times we get so caught up in the failure that we lose all power to overcome it. That’s why it’s very important that you learn how to overcome failure.

Understand that the only path to success is through failure.

Keep a positive perspective and understand that you only failed because you tried, had you not tried then you wouldn’t have failed but then you wouldn’t have succeeded either. It’s like a fork on the road, one or the other; you have to cross failure to reach success.

Most people achieved their greatest success one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure.

       -Brian Tracy

Remain Clam and Reflect

Think about it no matter what you do now, nothing will change the past. Don’t channel your frustration and anger in a negative way. Keep your composure and channel your emotions and feelings to motivate you to try again.

Learn from your Failures

Every so often people don’t pay attention to their failures in a way to cope with them, when actually the time you learn the most is when you try and fail. If you can learn the mistakes you made maybe next time you can overcome failure and reach success.

Don’t give up or Rationalize you Failure

Many times when you fail you rationalize it and give yourself a reason to give up.  For example A fox goes  in the woods, he sees some grapes and jumps to get them, after a couple of failed attempts the fox gives up and says to rationalize his failure that they were probably sour anyways.

Don’t make excuses for yourself and don’t give up.

Self Confidence

Never ever let failures even scratch your confidence level. If you fail it doesn’t mean you can never do it. Keep going at it and believe in yourself and that’s very important in overcoming failure.

Stay in the Present

Don’t wander in the past but rather concentrate on what you’re doing “now.” By staying in the present you allow yourself to grow from your failure and overcome it rather than drowning in your own pain.

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