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5 Reasons not to feel Inferior

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
5 Reasons not to feel Inferior

 Many people feel inferior to others for countless of reasons. Mainly this inferiority is resulted by social pressures and other influences in society.

But what is not understood is that there is never an excuse to feel inferior.

No person is substandard to another and here are 5 reasons why:

1.      You are a human

You and the people around you, who you might be feeling inferior towards, are both human. This means you differ only by few genes. So physically speaking other than the few external differences you might have, you are the same.

2.      You have a value

Place a price on yourself, on your knowledge, culture, religion and ability. You have unique things to offer which even the people you are feeling inferior towards don’t.

3.      You have Potential

You and everybody else on this earth has potential, No matter what situation you might be in, you have the potential to be better and that alone is enough reason not to feel inferior.

4.      You have plus points

Everybody in this world is good at something; there is always something you are good at, that someone else might not be. Be proud of who you are because you always have a lot to offer.

5.      You have reason

You have the ability to think. You have the ability to think if not higher than at the same level as the people around you. How can you feel inferior when you know that?

 Good luck on being free from inferiority, and remember you “are” special. 

About The Author – Alison R:​

Code of Living Author