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How to Deal With Negative People

Code of Living Author

By: Alison R – 7 years 5 months​ ago
How to deal with negative people

Dealing with Negative People can be really hard.

All around us there is always those human black holes of people that through their constant negativity suck the life out of you.

Thing is it’s not always their fault and there is a way to deal with these type of people:

1. Avoidance

You know if someone is having a bad day, it’s better for you to simply avoid the negativity rather than get affected by it. 

2. Have a positive attitude

Whenever you are around negative people at least you should have a positive attitude. This balances the situation and gives the negative person a good influence. 

3. Be Nice

Sometimes things don’t go right and a person can get a bit negative. Try to be caring and nice and try to help in any way you can.

4. Confront

Sometimes it’s important to tell the negative person, that he/she is negative. This way the person can realize and change. Remember don’t be too abrupt. Encourage but don’t enforce.

5. Inspire

Through you being optimistic and happy, inspire the other person to see the bright side of live and change.

Overall you should try keeping yourself optimistic and happy, and hopefully rub off on the other person.

Here’s a quote to keep you going:

Negativity sucks away energy. If part of the negativity stems from your attitude or perspective, commit yourself at the beginning of each day and each activity to find something positive in yourself and in others around you. If the people around you are negative and you can't change that, either remove yourself from the situation or view it simply as one obstacle you face in pursuing your own potential. Stay focused on your own goals and make the best of the situation

-Terry Orlick

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