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How To Smell Good

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
How to smell good

99% of the people, who smell “bad”, don’t know until someone tells them.

So if someone has not told you that you smell bad, it doesn’t mean that you certainly smell good. Always keep a close watch on your hygiene and cleanliness and be critical about yourself.

To smell good try some of these tips: (they work best when used together)

Take a bath or shower

Nothing beats a cold shower or hot bath when it comes to smelling good. Always use scented soap and shampoo, and try to include body wash. The body wash should keep you smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

Warning: Don’t use shampoo every day, as this could damage your hair. But you can use soap and body wash as you wish.

Use Deodorant

Make it a daily routine to use deodorant; this is a fundamental part of smelling good. This way even if you are moving around and are busy all day, the good smell should stay with you for at least 12 hours.

Tip: Nowadays it’s possible to buy deodorants in both sticks and sprays, but the sticks are more effective.

Use Perfume/Cologne

Here is the one area where the most people mess up.

Be modest whenever you are using perfume or cologne and never overdue it; it’s never pleasant to smell like a perfume shop. Perfume/Cologne should simply provide a backdrop to the clean smell that you should already have,

As for how to apply perfume/cologne, the best way is apply one spray on your chest, one spray on the stomach area, and one spray at the back of your neck on the collar.

This way you don’t go over the top and the spray at the back of the collar will provide a subtle trailing smell when you walk by.

Note: Cologne/Perfume can’t cover up bad smells.

Wear clean clothes

This is just as important as the others. Always wear clean clothes. If you go through all that trouble of getting clean, the least you can do is wear a clean pair of clothes.

Note: Always wear socks, because they absorb your foot sweat and make your feet smell good.

Good luck in smelling great!

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