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Become a People Magnet

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 weeks​ ago
Become a People Magnet

It is possible that you can create such a magnetic personality, that whenever you meet people, they are instantly attracted towards you.

So how do you do you create such a personality? Well it requires you to mold yourself differently and in some cases come out of your comfort zone.

Follow these strategies to get that personality that will attract everybody towards you:

Radiate Positivity and Happiness

Be that person who can make everybody feel good. Smile, compliment and shower positivity on everybody you meet. Everyone loves a person that can make them feel good and if you are able to lock down this fundamental skill, it alone will make you very popular.

Display Confidence

Confidence is a major factor when it comes to attracting people.  Stand with your head high, back straight and have an open posture. This will not just make other people like you but you will notice that you will feel better about yourself.

Take these two people for example which one seems more attractive:

Good Posture Bad Posture 

Always make Eye Contact       

Eye contact is fundamental to attracting people towards you. We do a big percent of our communication through body language and a lot of that big percent is done through your eyes.

Control your Emotions

“A gentleman or lady always has control over his/her emotions” This is critical when it comes to being a people magnet. Find moderation in your emotions. For example: don’t always laugh hysterically but don’t completely cage yourself either.

Regulate your Voice

Try to talk a bit slower than the people around you as this creates a sense of knowledge and authority which is very attractive. Other than that point attractive people know when to talk loud and when to talk quite, but at the same time get their message across.

Be Yourself

The people who are the most effective at attracting people are genuine. Don’t try to be someone you are not, to make people like you. Use these tips but add your own personal twist to them to truly be successful and to truly become a people magnet.

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Code of Living Author