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Self Knowledge Is The Beginning Of Self Improvement

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By: Andrew G – 7 months 3 days​ ago
Self Knowledge

Why self-knowledge is so important for everyone and how to gain knowledge of self-are the two issues that psychologists are asked most often! In fact, today a lot of people really understand that without self-knowledge they can't develop their personality and this is the main reason why they usually turn for psychological care looking for the professional responses to these questions.Many famous and successful people have already expressed their thoughts regarding self-knowledge and self-improvement. Some of such statements became rather popular. And if you surf the Internet, you may find hundreds of amazing quotes about self-knowledge meaning. In the last little while I have searched and consumed the contents of the most interesting quote sites and now I wish to quote, in my mind, the best one: Self-knowledge is the beginning of self-improvement. This is the most popular Baltasar Gracian quote that reflects the true essence of such a unique process called self-knowledge.

I hope this article will help you to realize that self-knowledge is the key to better living! Because just with a clear sense of self, you know who you are, where you want to go and what you want to do with your life. Self-knowledge is a highly beneficial process for you because, with its help, you naturally make choices that work for you. You should never pass over the opportunity to use this key to better and more successful living!

General Characteristics Of Self Knowledge

I`d like to note that self-knowledge and self-improvement are related and interdependent concepts. Self-knowledge and self-improvement are also the concepts that directly affect the success and efficiency of the personal fulfilment. So everyone has to realize that without the first concept the second one is impossible!

Besides, self-knowledge is a strong need that only a human being can experience. This is a process of the identification of potential and real opportunities, personal and intellectual qualities, character traits and person`s relationships with others. So, in other words, self-knowledge is the ability to evaluate yourself, take an honest look at yourself and treat yourself as a cognitive object.

Most psychologists distinguish the following basic features of self-knowledge:

  • Self-knowledge is a psychic component and a basis of a healthy person.

  • Self-knowledge helps to maintain the harmony with the outside world within yourself.

  • Self-knowledge is a way of personal growth and self-realization.

All these characteristics are interlinked and help to get a comprehensive overall picture of a mature and healthy human being.

Moreover, self-knowledge helps to resolve conflicts and realize the motivation of the person's actions. Thorough knowledge of the self, a person learns to control over his/her own life. Only through knowledge of the self, a human being becomes a harmonically advanced person, finds happiness and shares it with other people.

Lots of scientists agree that the original self-knowledge is the instinctive process, while the conscious perception is an output of life experience.

Self Knowledge Is A Key To Self Improvement

It has been noted that one of the main features of self-knowledge is that it's the right way to improve yourself. What does self-improvement mean?

Well, self-improvement is a person's desire to develop his/her capabilities as an autonomous human being and build physical as well as mental qualities of a person.

Of course, without understanding the basic level of qualities, without identifying the strengths and weaknesses, without setting goals, human development isn't possible, as a matter of principle. Self-knowledge and self-improvement are really inseparable concepts because if a person doesn`t understand and accept yourself as an individual, he/she cannot develop in a constructive manner and self-development will be also inaccessible. If you`re wondering why… So, it`s very easy to explain! Such person won`t simply know how to move forward and therefore will suffer from the lack of motivation.

By the way, don`t forget that self-knowledge, as well as self-improvement, are relatively long time processes. They are carried out over a conscious lifetime of an individual.

Kinds Of Self Knowledge

There are five main kinds of self-knowledge in psychology. Ulric Neisser highlighted top five kinds of selves that are gradually becoming aware of in developmental time frame. According to the psychologist, we all experience such kinds of selves throughout the life cycle:

  • Ecological: This is one of the earliest forms of self-knowledge that reflects the perception of the self in the physical environment.

  • Interpersonal: It also appears in early childhood, but this kind reflects the perception of other people.

  • Conceptual: This one is linked with a social role of a human being and some postulates of hypothetical eternal entities.

  • Private: It shows inner aspects of personal perception and actions. The private self is usually based on the person's own experience.

  • Extended: This kind is based on personal memories and anticipations.

In general, a person devotes all his/her life to self-knowledge and sometimes it even happens unconsciously. The process starts with birth and ends in death. The awareness and development of the personality take place gradually in accordance with the reflection of a person`s outer and inner life.

Well, you should never forget that the real object of your life is development, but before starting to develop yourself, you have to find your true self. And namely, from the time when you are becoming self-aware, you naturally start making decisions that improve you and your life. Then you start experimenting with what works for you and what doesn`t. Gradually you get a better understanding of what fits and what doesn't fit you at all. As a result of self-knowledge, you try to develop responsible and healthy behaviour patterns that have to please, first of all, you, and not to impress others because, through self-knowledge, you understand how to choose the best choice for you!


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