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5 Ultimate ways to deal with stress

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
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Stress is a huge issue in day to day life. Here are 5 ultimate ways you can deal with stress:


Whenever I get stressed out the first thing I always do is ventilate. By ventilating my thoughts and feelings I am able to calm down, take a huge burden off myself, and think more clearly.

There are many ways to go about ventilating your thoughts, but the method I find most effective is talking to yourself. Go to a quiet room, get a mirror and start talking about everything on your mind.

Take Control

This is probably the most important mental tactic when it comes to dealing with stress. You have to understand that only you are in charge of your life. Only you are in charge of what you think, and most importantly only you decide whether you are stressed or not.

Stress is a mental problem so if you can give yourself mental power you can conquer stress. Take control of your life and be aware of your thoughts as they are the first step to actions.

Positive Pills

Throughout the day I give myself positive pills. What these “pills” are in principle are simply tidbits of self-motivation. Positive pills could be things like: “I can do this” or “This isn’t that hard

This way be emphasizing positive statements my stress level stays low and it also makes problems easier to face.


Now when I say meditate I don’t mean the sitting in the backyard on a rock type of thing. What I mean by mediate is think and reflect in the chunks of free times you get throughout the day. This way your relaxation can be spread out rather than in one big moment.

When you meditate or reflect on life, organize the thoughts in your head and try to let the stress go.


This is probably the most effective way to reduce stress. By praying you are reflecting while also getting rid of your problem.

Good Luck in dealing with stress!

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