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6 Ways to Make This New Year a Memorable & Prosperous One

Code of Living Author

By: Srija M – 1 month 2 days​ ago
Make New Year Memorable

I want to wish all of my amazing readers a very happy & a blissful new year ahead! May this new year bring you joy, happiness & prosperity.

This article will be about making this new year a memorable one. A moment becomes memorable when that moment is not only about 'I', 'me' or 'myself'. It's about the people around us too. It's sometimes about what we give than what we take. It's sometimes about gratitude towards others, God & ourselves. Sometimes the small deeds sum up to become a part of our memorabilia.

1. Be Generous

By saying this I don't always mean being generous monetarily. A person can be generous in his appreciation too. Always remember that a person who feels appreciated can do the work in a much better way than he/she is doing now. So, this new year let's be more vocal about appreciating the good we see in people & let's criticize a lot less. If we don't like something about someone, we should go & tell that person personally. It will help that person improve instead of demotivating them. If that person is unapproachable for some reasons then let's not gossip about that person's faults as gossiping will not make any difference.

If you can afford then please help people with money too. There are many underprivileged people & kids who are suffering from hunger & different other problems. So, let’s make it a goal that if not everyone, this year we will surely help someone.

2. Be Helpful

You never know whose prayers are being answered by God through you. So, whenever you get a chance just go out there & help!

Never think you have nothing of value to offer or that you are not good enough. You can always help with what you have. Sometimes you can help people simply by just talking with them & helping them to vent out their feelings. You can always help someone. You will definitely feel good after genuinely helping someone. But this year let’s try that we don't remind a person we help again & again that we have helped them. That's not kind & genuine. Help for the sake of helping alone.

4. Wish Good on Others (Show Compassion)

Always try to be happy in another person's happiness. Never get jealous. If you want to reach that person's position or if you want something that person has then go & work for it. Fostering feelings of jealousy & anger will lead you nowhere but create uneasiness in your life which can be far better than what it is now if you just let go of this added stress or tension. Wish everyone well. Live & let live.

5. Take Care of Yourself

As it is rightly said that you cannot pour from an empty vessel. So, if you want to help others & be generous then, first of all, you have to be a good human being & to be a good, mature & a positive human being you have to work on yourself. You have to understand where you are going wrong & how you should improve yourself & you should be well aware of what is happening around. You have to always nurture yourself with positive things like meditating, making good friends, communicating properly with people, exercising, practising healthy habits, eating good food, etc.

5. Be True to Yourself

Very often we lie to ourselves about being happy, content or satisfied. But from this year we should stop making excuses and top lying to ourselves. Great & concrete relationships are built on the basis of trust & honesty & while external relationships can break and change, we are going to have a relationship with ourselves till we die. So why not be truthful? Be free to accept your feelings to yourself at least even if you are pretending to be someone else in this world outside. Accept it & if you want to change it then always remember you can! It is perfectly alright to feel low & depressed. Everyone feels like that. It's perfectly fine to not always be happy. But what is wrong is to indulge in your depression or sadness and let it drown out all of the positivity in your life. You should be able to come out of it & you can come out of it only once you accept it. If you keep on denying it then how will you ever come to the point of defeating it.

6. Have Faith in God (Meditate)

Having faith in the Supreme doesn't mean you are superstitious or it doesn't mean that you will get whatever you ask for. It means that whatever you receive you take that as a blessing. Faith fills your soul with joy & peace & strength to face every challenge that comes to you. It infuses in you zest & zeal to do anything you want to & helps you to excel without any worries. It is like falling in love that you surrender everything to the Almighty & let things flow. You don't need to ask for any favour or anything, just have faith in him & keep on doing your work & you will be filled with immense happiness & you will get things you have never imagined.

If your boat (faith) is not guided or anchored then it will just drift. It will drift in the direction of your desires, thoughts & beliefs. So, take full control of your life in your hands or completely surrender. Anchor your boat if you are tired of rowing. Just have faith.

I hope you all have a great year ahead & I pray that you all may have immense faith in yourself & all the strength in the world to confront any challenges that come your way!


Code of Living AuthorAbout Author: Srija Mitra is an author and self-improvement enthusiast. Self-described as “Happy Go Lucky”. Srija is always eager to help whenever possible!