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Every employee matters. This is something every boss knows but doesn’t show it enough. Recognizing the contribution of your employees can lead to a boost in productivity and better business outcomes for the company. More importantly, your staff will be happier and more loyal to your company’s goals. Here are 8 ways to show your employees appreciation for their work and dedication. 

1. Welcome New Ideas

Employees contribute to the company with their knowledge, but also they can be a source of wonderful ideas. Every business needs to evolve and asking for new ideas openly may get you there. Not to mention that it will show you value opinion of your staff and see them as part of your future. 

For example, once a month organize the idea day when everyone can put their suggestions in a box or present them in front of the managing board. Encouraging people to be creative gives them the confidence to be more productive since they have your trust in their skills. 

2. Show off Your Staff

Organize a professional photo session with your employees and ask them to write a short paragraph about themselves. You will use this material to present employees on your website, social media, and other online platforms. Not only will your clients see you in a better light, but also your employees will feel more like part of the team. 

As an internal employee appreciation, you can send company newsletters presenting new members of the staff and praising others for their achievements.  This is a fun way to introduce employees to one another and show them you know how much effort they put into their jobs.    

3. Support their Education

There’s always room for improvement, especially if your employees are ambitious and you want to stay relevant in the business world. To turn this into a win-win situation, offer an incentive for further education with paid seminars, time-off for lectures, and pay raise for those who obtain higher qualifications. 

Helping people grow and develop is one of the ways to motivate them to stay loyal to your company and contribute to its growth. If an employee sees they can move up in the ranks or get a better salary, they will stay and not look for other employment with your competitors.   

4. Take Them to Lunch

Team building is necessary to let everyone know each other in a more casual setting, as well as to mingle with your employees. However, sometimes you don’t have to organize expensive trips and activities to spread the sense of camaraderie. 

Reward an employee or a team by taking them to lunch with only you or the management. This will show them you personally appreciate their dedication and hard work, as well as that no good deed will go unnoticed. But don’t stop there! Choose one day in a month to organize catered lunch at the office or snacks, like ice creams or fruits. 

5. Allow Pets at the Office

Turn your office into a pet-friendly environment by allowing your employees to bring their animal companions to work. Some of the benefits of having pets at work are lower stress levels and increased productivity, according to The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI).  Their data shows that owning a pet improves mental health and social skills.

However, you also have to think about employees who are allergic or feel uncomfortable around animals. In that case, it’s best to designate only one or two days a week as “bring your pet to office” days and maybe allow them to work that day from home.  Having an understanding for all your employees, even those you don’t agree with is a sign of respect that will bring harmony to the office.   

6. Celebrate Their Birthday

Birthdays are one of the best ways to show your employees that you see them. Send them flower bouquets with personalized notes or give them a day off to celebrate. You can add a gift with the flowers, like an insulated mug to keep their coffee hot or wrist support to make the computer work more comfortably. 

It would be nice to show up in person if possible or send them a video message, so they feel special and recognized. Getting a “happy birthday” directly from the boss can raise morale and let your employees know they truly belong with your company.  

7. Say “Thank You”

You may think that a “thank you” is a too small way to show appreciation, but actually, it can have a huge impact on your employees. Send them a handwritten note, saying you are grateful for a job well done or a successful idea. Moreover, mark the anniversary of the employment of every member of your company by thanking them for investing time in your business. 

Employees want to know you are not taking them for granted. “Thank you” may be a simple gesture, but it can have a lasting effect on the morale and devotion employees express towards your company.  

8. Praise Their Non-Work Achievements

People at your company are more than their jobs. Some have hobbies, volunteer work, and other activities that should be acknowledged. Recognizing their non-work achievements in front of their colleagues, as well as the public, is a way to show how amazing they are as a person. 

It’s a way to give a personality to your employee rather than see them as numbers and letters in reports. Some people are not into talking about themselves but like to know they are noticed through their deeds. By highlighting accomplishments outside of work, you give your employees appreciation by giving them a place to feel like themselves and be accepted for who they are.  

Final Words

There isn’t a recipe that fits all when it comes to showing your employees appreciation. You need to find the right strategy for your company that will increase motivation, productivity, morale, and good relations. Remember that happy employees can do more good for your business, so make sure they know you value them and their work.

Nina Simons

Nina is a lifestyle blogger, yoga aficionado, and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. In her free time, she loves to use her favorite garden tools and take care of her plants, or to spend time in nature with her dog.

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