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relationship insecurities

Being in a romantic relationship is a great feeling. When there is someone you care about, and they care about you, that’s what love is. But still, the sense of not being good enough for them never goes away. Many of us struggle with self-doubt which leads to relationship insecurities.

The insecurity of losing out your partner is very common. The jealousy and a bit of annoyance might look good on the outside for a little while, but it ultimately ends up destroying everything.

By taking the right steps at the right time- this damage can be prevented, but all it needs is a little focus and lots of confidence. Overcoming your insecurities is not easy, but we can determination and the power of love will make it easier.

Battling the relationship insecurities needs you to do your best and keep your willpower strong. We can hold this feeling at bay, or entirely delete it out from the system with enough patience and care. Here are 9 amazing ways to overcome relationship insecurities.

1. Value Yourself

Are you insecure because of your partner or because of yourself? The answer to this question can help you reach the roots of your insecurity. If you think you are not good enough for your partner, ask yourself, why? Are they intentionally acting out that way? Or is it your own judgment about yourself?

We all have an inner critic in us- who often criticizes us for the things we do, and it becomes hyperactive when we are in a serious relationship. But its instincts are often not true. There are rare cases of it being true and we all have experienced that. 

Therefore, the first thing is, value yourself. We all have something hidden in us; we all are good at something. Never doubt your worth. You are complete and perfect in whatever way you are. Before loving someone else, first, love yourself. There is nothing wrong with you, and your partner knows that. So start valuing yourself by leaving back the doubts you are often raising yourself.

2. Find the Root of Your Insecurity

Search deep and find out the root of your insecurity. It can be anything. An innocent comment from your childhood or any other instance that led you to think less of yourself. A simple comment on your photo uploaded over social media, or it is about the way you live or function, anything can be the reason.

Once you think you found the root, start recovering from that moment on. Negatively thinking about yourself is not good for you and your health. Overcoming your insecurities will need you to put your best efforts forward. Still, the key to succeeding is to keep trying.

Go easy on yourself and let yourself heal. Discuss it with your partner and see how it turns out to be beneficial for you. With their encouragement and positive support, the process of recovering becomes easier and helps you come out strong. 

3. Induce Trust

It is essential to trust your partner and also, to trust yourself. As explained, keep your head high and do not think less of yourself. Trusting your partner is equally important. Do not stop him/her for the sack of insecurities you have grown deep down. 

A bit of jealousy indeed makes things tasty, but too much of it might ruin your relationship and the good times you spent together. Before arriving at any conclusion, check your thoughts twice and analyze their behaviour to find out any valid reason that does not include cheating.

The secret to any happy and healthy relationship is trust. Trust your partner and yourself, too, to avoid any possible quarrel that might turn out damaging. 

But if your gut keeps telling you something is wrong, there might be a slight chance of them not being completely honest with you. But the way to deal with it is by communicating. Ask them right away if you feel something is not right to ensure your doubts are solved before they become a severe problem.

4. Communication is Key

Communication is another secret to a healthy relationship. Both partners should remain honest with each other by discussing any issues that they face. Confronting your partner directly if they have done something wrong helps you clear out any doubts before it turns into any future problem.

Also, it helps in knowing what your partner feels about your actions. Appreciate them, and do not forget to tell them the importance of them in your life. A little motivation and lots of love from your partner can work wonders for you to overcome your insecurities.

You should be comfortable with your partner to talk about anything and any problems you are facing. Avoiding communication at any point in time is not advisable as it can create future issues.

5. Limit Your Social Media Time

Free yourself and create time to spend with your partner. Currently, one of the biggest hurdles stopping couples from spending quality time with each other is social media. The exotic life and eye delighting pictures over social media often break the boundaries and enters the personal space.

According to reports, 2 hours and 23 minutes per day are spent on social media by an average user. Moreover, the influence of social media in our daily lives is not a secret anymore. But it can also harm your relationship if you are not limiting yourself. Therefore, dedicate a specific time for your partner when no disturbances are observed.

6. Stalking is Bad!

One more disadvantage of social media, stalking. Are you observing your partner on social media frequently? This might not be good for you. If you are checking your partner’s entire friend list, comments, likes, etc. without any reason, this exposes an issue.

Stop stalking your partner on social media, and if you have any questions for them, ask them directly. Stalking never helps reach the right cause, and instead, misunderstandings start making your relationship toxic.

7. Be Independent

Apart from giving time to your partner, have some for yourself. Explore what you are capable of and enhance your skills. It helps to boost your self-confidence and also enables you to realize your worth. Do not depend on your partner for making every small decision of your life. 

Of course, it is important to consult them every time you are thinking of taking a step forward, but do not forget to give yourself and your decisions equal importance. Set your own goals and try to accomplish them. Ask for help if you get stuck somewhere, but do not let your morals down by any means. 

8. Share Your Feelings with Friend

Who is better to guide you during your downtime than your best buddy? Do not hesitate to share your feelings with your trustworthy friend who can show you escape from the suffering of insecurities. After all, what are friends for? They can cheer you up and also can help you find a new angle to the situation that you have not thought of.

The real advice from a friend can help you survive the feelings of insecurities and also can help you focus on yourself better. Also, they are instant mood boosters whenever you are feeling low. They may also share their own experience of going through relationship insecurities that might help you get better from your current state.

9. Work It Out

Physical fitness and exercises help reduce stress and anxiety and gives a boost to positive thoughts. Therefore, when you find yourself in any situation that can be solved with just a bit of positivity and when you want to take the diversion, start exercising. It helps you divert your mind, and sometimes, it results in forgetting the entire issue.

Regularly exercising also boosts mental strength and induces positive thoughts. However, it doesn’t mean you have to exercise whenever any negative thought comes up. The best way to deal with relationship insecurities is to find out the reason and answer it before it gets severe.


You are your teacher and to overcome relationship insecurities, you should keep yourself engaged in activities you enjoy. Also, having self-confidence is key to overcoming any insecurities. By following the best practices, you can easily overcome them or at least keep them in control.

Deep Moteria
Deep Moteria

Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger, having led 75+ startups on the right path with information-admiring content. He crafts content on topics including on-demand services like app like uber, finances, technology trends, etc.

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