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Thought Vibration is a concept that supports positive thinking. If you think of it this way, thoughts are actual things with frequencies and vibrations that are unique to them. Positive thoughts (happy, light, supportive, encouraging, hopeful, possible, inquisitive, or informational) are of a very high frequency. Whereas, negative thoughts (fearful, angry, resentful, duplicitous, untrue, critical, or threatening) are of a very low frequency.

Controlling Thought Vibrations Opens Us To Possibility

High-frequency thoughts expand our thinking and open us to possibility. Low-frequency thoughts narrow our thinking and close down our possibility fields. The low-frequency thoughts leave us unable to see or experience a wide range of possible pathways. High-frequency thoughts allow us to attract “high-frequency” concepts. If you have ever visited a high crime area, you can feel or sense the low frequency of fear. That is because you are feeling the sum total of fears of the people who have passed through the area or are permanently living there. On the other hand, perhaps you have visited a sacred place and noticed a very light and airy feeling. Again, this is because the surrounding individuals were in a peaceful frame of mind when they visited.

The Vibration Concept

High-frequency thoughts will attract other high-frequency thoughts and vibration concepts. High-frequency concepts include all the things we humans desire. For example, money, abundance, good health, happiness, strength, and energy. If you fill your mind and surround yourself with high-thought vibrations, you will attract high-frequency concepts into your life. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with low-thought vibrations, you will continue to attract low-frequency concepts into your life. High-frequency thought vibrations raise your personal frequency, the frequency of those around you and the frequency of your overall space.

How to Keep Maintain Positive Thinking

We all know the power of positive thinking. Perhaps you try but find it difficult to keep your thoughts positive. Here is an exercise that will help you maintain positive thinking.

Make a list of words that describe your ideal life. Some examples may include: money, abundance, love, perfect career, perfect marriage, children, loving relationships, friends, dream house, peace, prosperity, perfect health.

Now make a list of words that describe situations that you don’t wish to attract. Some examples may include poverty, scarcity, rejection, divorce, conflict, no friends, no choices, disease.

Take a few minutes to consider each word by itself and feel what it would be like to experience that in your life. Go back and forth between the two lists so you can compare and contrast the difference. Observe the words with high frequency (airy, light, warm, expansive) and low frequency (dark, confining, closed, fearful). You’ll soon understand and experience the difference in the level of frequency.

Another way to maintain positive thinking and your mind at peace is through meditation. Meditation has many benefits for your mental and overall health. In fact, I have even included a list of 7 reasons!

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Meditate

1. You Can Effectively Release Stress

This may seem obvious and repetitive, but one of the benefits of meditation is that you can effectively release any long term stress you are feeling. This has obvious health benefits such as better sleep, but in addition, it can improve your mood, make you happier and make you pleasant to be around. You might find your relationships begin to improve as well.

2. Meditation Will Improve Your Concentration and Focus

You will find that you can focus on your work or studies much better. As one of the benefits of meditation, you can complete projects and tasks much faster. You will be able to increase and focus on your interactions with others. For instance, you will become a much better listener and be able to respond in personal and work situations more clearly and coherently.

3. You Will Gain a Wider Perspective on Life Situations

Due to the pressures that we experience in modern life, we all wander around viewing every situation as a super high priority. With meditation, you can better organize your thoughts and emotions in terms of priorities and view them from a different perspective. Imagine being in a forest and viewing a single tree. Now imagine that you are in a helicopter and you rise up to 500 feet and take a look at the forest—it looks entirely different. If you zoom up further to several thousand feet, it will still look different. By maintaining a more zoomed-out perspective, you can easily see the interconnections that makeup situations and you will be able to solve problems easier and better due to your new-found perspective.

4. You Will Gain a Greater Sense of Control over Your Life

You will gain confidence because your concentration and focus will improve and enable you to make better decisions. This will allow you to feel more in charge because the broader perspective will increase your awareness of life situations. You will no longer be distracted by situations that cause you to pull away from your focus. You will be able to recognize situations as major (needs to be dealt with right away) or minor (can be put off or disregarded).

5. It Will Expand Your Awareness

The longer and more often you meditate, the more aware you become of yourself and your place in the world. You will see how you fit in the grand scheme of things, rather than not fitting into the scheme. This will help you learn the true meaning of spirituality as you start to truly acknowledge other people and understand why they react the way they do. You will become more compassionate and understanding. You will find yourself “doing the right thing” because you want to, not out of a sense of duty. This will allow you to become less self-centred and more generous.

6. You Will Experience Physical Benefits

Many of our ailments are the result of blocked energy in the physical body and meditation can unblock that energy. I have experienced a virtual elimination of tension headaches, colds and flu. If I start to feel a cold or flu coming on, I have a specific meditation that will get rid of it. When I travelled extensively, I experienced no jet lag and was able to adjust to any time zone. When it was time for sleep, I would simply go into deep meditation and I was asleep in a matter of minutes. Others make claims for a lot of physical benefits that I have not personally experienced, but I will mention them here: lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fights chronic diseases, helps with breathing problems, slows the nervous system and eliminates tension in muscles and joints.

7. You Will Gain Enhanced Learning and Memory Power

As your body relaxes and gets out of your mind’s way, you will find that your brain responds faster. You will find that forgetfulness leaves you and you will be able to grasp complex concepts more easily. This makes your mind more efficient and flexible. Creativity will flourish and you’ll wonder why you couldn’t think of these great ideas before!

There is no reason to experience low-level frequencies. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel bad, you can quickly switch your frequency level by experiencing the exact opposite of that feeling. It’s the best way to attract good things into your life.

John M. Caviness

John M. Caviness is a copywriter at an essay editing service. It gives him an opportunity to express his opinion and thoughts on different topics including related to psychology.

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