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Welcome to! Founded in 2010 in beautiful Toronto, Canada. Code of Living is an international initiative & movement to simply said: “make lives better”. Since its inception, has had a focus on Self Help, Mental Health & Personal Finance and quickly became one of the fastest-growing websites for on the web.

Only by doing our part to make a positive difference in this world can we fulfill our true purpose. Only be spreading love, peace, and knowledge can we unite humanity!

Now 10 years later we have branched out into various media platforms but have stayed close to our roots by creating in-depth content and separating ourselves from traditional self-help by having a “human touch” in everything we do.

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We are making a real impact. Dear Readers, I want to introduce you to our movement and our mission to help make a positive impact on millions of lives worldwide.  It’s deeper than just numbers – every single month almost 300,000+ real lives use and are positively impacted in some shape or form. We believe saving one life is comparable to saving humanity and we don’t plan to stop. Help us make an even bigger positive impact by following us on social media, joining our newsletter, and making a direct impact by contributing your knowledge and your human advice to We feel it is very important to accept guest posts because every person brings a new perspective and every person in some way is an expert at living! – Kindest Regards, Sundus B. (Editor-in-Chief)

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At, we know that the only way to succeed is by working together!
We are always on the lookout for high-quality content for our readers. But don’t be intimidated by the high standard; you don’t need to be a Ph.D. or a doctorate to write for us. We are all experts on living ?

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