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6 Awesome Ways to be a Better You

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By: Alison R – 6 years 9 months​ ago
 6 Awesome Ways to be a Better You

You should strive throughout your life to become better.

Because only through this constant betterment can we find true happiness and success. These are 5 awesome ways I have made my life better and hopefully they will help you too:

1.      Accept your Mistakes

Accepting your mistakes is the first step to dealing with them. Humans aren’t perfect and there is no point of beating yourself up for something that has already passed. Accept your mistake; accept who you are as a person and start working on solutions.

This same point also works for others mistakes. There is no point of carrying so much extra burden when you can simply forgive and move on. It might seem tough but being accepting of mistakes is an important step to making your life a whole lot better.

2.      Become a Self-Motivator

This one skill is critical in making your life better. You have to be able to pick yourself up when life gets tough. You need to be able to stay positive and give yourself a boost whenever you are down.

This skill will make you immune to depression, because whenever you will face a problem you will be able to motivate yourself to face it.

3.      Stop Wasting your Energy

Many people in my opinion waste 30% or more of their life simply doing useless things. Stop wasting your energy on things that will give you no rewards.

There’s no point of crying your eyes out over some failure or getting in a slump because of some sort of letdown. Get up, motivate yourself and use this time you have productively.

4.      Become more Confident

Now this has become quite cliché in self-improvement articles, but I still strongly feel that confidence is probably the most important thing you can have in your life.

But just to note when I say becomes more confident it isn’t your normal confidence. What I mean is that you should become confident in whatever you are not good at. So you might have the confidence to speak in front of thousands of people but you might not be as confident in driving a car. So work on it.

Try to become confident in as many as things as possible.

5.      Stop Complaining

I find this to be quite self-explanatory, but still I will repeat it again. Stop complaining, get your head down, put in the work, and make your life better.

6.      Live in the Moment

Many people live in the past, and therefore never taste true happiness or success. Work on the present and build for the future. There is no point of stressing over what has already come to pass. Let go of what has happened and worry about what is happening.

Good luck in being a better you.

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