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Why Flexibility is important in Life

Code of Living Author

By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
Why Flexibility is important in Life

I was once planning and organizing a project for school, when I had the strangest idea.

I had never made a plan in my life that had worked 100%.

This realization at first got me feeling disappointed, but eventually it led me realize a vital aspect about life. I discovered that life was bound to change and that there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I also discovered that the only reason why 100% of my plans didn’t work was because I wasn’t fully ready for change in my plans. So the only way I could prevent all of my plans from being kaput was by adapting to life’s moments and being prepared for changes. 

All of this led me to discover the importance of Flexibility.

Flexibility in psychological terms is the same as in physical terms; it means to be elastic or pliable.

Here are some reasons why flexibility is so important:

Flexibility allows you to face challenges

By being flexible you have the ability to change yourself when needed. This is fundamental when it comes to facing challenges.

Say for example you are typing up a report for work and your computer stops working.

A flexible person will go the local library and finish it but a person who is not as flexible will simply stop.

Flexibility makes you more successful

If you are more flexible you have an advantage over the people around you. You adapt better to your surroundings, you face challenges more easily and most importantly you are more effective with changes.

By having this edge over people your chances of success are a lot higher.

Flexibility gives you peace and reduces stress

Every “problem” in life is only worrying if you can’t adapt to it.

So if you are flexible, you will be able to mold yourself and will be able to overcome all of life’s problems

Knowing that you can face life’s challenges will reduce your stress level and bring you peace.

Try to become more Flexible.       

About The Author – Alison R:​

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