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Recruiters receive a large number of applications and you need a killer resume to grab attention. Therefore, you need to present a professional, concise and tailored CV to boost chance and market yourself. Showcase skills, experience, and education relevant to the advertised position to increase your chances.
Does it sound hard?
Don’t worry.
Ensure you follow these resume tips by Code of Living to perfect your application. Dazzle bots, recruiters, and triumph over the competition!

1. First, Research and Compare

  • Research the online resources and successful resumes examples in your career path. 
  • Review their structure, content, and length. 
  • Compare several samples to learn the best practices. 
  • Brainstorm the results of your analysis to produce an outstanding CV. 

2. Templates and Design Are Crucial

A clean-cut, well-outlined template is a must or your resume ends up “on file”. Thus, don’t let design hinder you. 

  • Use a resume builder platform to select the most suitable layout for your application. 
  • Customize sections of the resume template to fit your particular needs, goals, and desires.
  • Opt for a simple and crisp design that complements your presentation. 
  • Don’t use bright colours and complex graphics. 
  • Explore examples of successful resumes to benchmark and stand out.
  • Emphasize your skills, experience, and education, not forms and colours. Presentation is crucial for success so work hard on that part. 

3. Pick the Best Format

It’s vital to choose the correct format for your CV. Otherwise, you cannot present your strengths. So, select a resume format based on your abilities, expertise and the position you are trying to pursue. 

Particularly, you can follow either of these three common formats:

  • Chronological –  the most popular format, ideal for candidates with rich employment history. List your most recent job first and continue in chronological order.  
  • Functional –  the focus falls on skills and achievements. Suitable for entry-level candidates with less experience.
  • Hybrid – a mix between chronological and functional format. Use it to apply for higher-level positions

4. Choose a Simple and Professional Font

Recruiters don’t favour messy and ornate resumes, so casual or comic fonts are a big no. Therefore, choose a simple and clear font. Be professional and concise. There are plenty of clean, precise, and free to use fonts to choose from. 

Remember, you want an impressive resume, not a caricature. 

5. Contact Details Matter

List your contact details so recruiters can get in touch. 

Double-check to make sure there are no mistakes, otherwise, it’s hard for recruiters to contact you. 

Accordingly, add detail and include more than a name and phone number. For example, list your blog or social media profile. This way, recruiters learn more about you as a person. Use this list as a reference: 

  • Full name;
  • Address; 
  • Email;
  • Telephone number;
  • Instant messenger profiles;
  • Social media profiles;
  • Website or blogs;
  • Portfolio.

List other professional networks relevant to your field of expertise. 

6. Include a Strong Summary

Begin your resume with a brief but comprehensive summary. For example, one of the main resume tips to remember is to write about yourself, your skills, strengths, and experience. Highlight remarkable achievements or professional certificates. Hence, a strong summary is important to shine through the crowd of resumes. Be confident in yourself.

Always write the synopsis in the third person so recruiters don’t consider you a bragger. 

7. Show Off Your Achievements

  • Showcase your top achievements in the career section of your resume. 
  • Beware that recruiters can ask open-ended questions about your accomplishments.
  • Don’t write a mere list of job duties. 
  • Show your real-life accomplishments and support them with facts and data. 
  • Help employers to understand the essence of your experience and qualifications. 
  • Focus attention on what you achieved, not what you worked. 
  • Include skills relevant to the specific job position. 
  • Mention budgeting skills, team-management, product development, projects, or campaigns. 

Recruiters favour multi-talented candidates who know the ins and outs of the job. 

8. Identify and Use Specific Keywords

Go through several job ads in the same field to outline niche-specific keywords. List these magic words to boost your resume score. The pre-screening software detects them and picks your profile as a match. 

For instance, use keywords related to the position you pursue:

  • Program training;
  • Job-related soft skills: teamwork, problem solving and leadership;
  • Education credentials;
  • Certifications; 
  • Other notable achievements;

Include the same keywords in your cover letter. Most importantly, avoid overuse. It looks ornate and leaves a bad impression. 

9. Highlight Experience

Optimize your job description to impress recruiters and increase your interview chances:

  • Highlight keywords that contain important skills or achievements.
  • Write short, crisp sentences, easy to read for humans and bots. 
  • Proofread your content and correct typos. 
  • Limit the length to two pages. Hiring managers depreciate long resumes.  

10. Customize the Resume for Every Job

Do not spare time and effort to customize your resume. Tailor it in accordance with the job specifics. Recruiters don’t favour generic or robotic resumes. Impress them with a professional, custom-designed resume tailored to perfection. Convince them you want this job, not any job. 

A crisp, customized CV means you get a higher chance for an interview. 

11. Check the Submission Requirements

Pay attention to the specific resume submission requirements. You can email it, upload on the company website, or submit an application via third-party sites. Additionally, check the document format specifications and adhere to the instructions. Many individuals forget to proof-read their resume before they send it. This is another example of key resume tips to remember: always proof-read your resume before you send it! Despite how good your resume may be, grammar issues are a big turn-off for recruiters.

So, regardless of the format always include your first and last name in the title. Don’t send a resume called “My-Resume-file” because it gets lost in the stack of applications.

Although, if you submit your curriculum by email, ensure you attach all required files. Always sign the email and list your contact information at the bottom.  

Final Remarks

To sum up, remember to be creative and impress. However, consider that some companies use special applicant tracking systems (ATS) to manage and conduct pre-screening. Only top-notch resumes get through. Therefore, follow these simple resume tips to create an outstanding resume and impress both bots and recruiters! Act smart and get one step closer to get that dream job. Make note of these resume tips and get on your path to success!

Dimitar Karamarinov

Dimitar Karamarinov has appeared on Forbes, Metro News, CMSWire and more. He is an award-winning digital multi-instrumentalist with authorship starting as early as 2006. With over a decade of experience in audio, graphic and motion design, along with various forms of business and communication, he gained experience with Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Inc 5000, and multi-continent companies such as, along with various charity initiatives under his belt. 

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