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Hero quotes are perfect to know what real greatness is. We all are heroes from deep inside. However, unfortunately, a few can keep it intact while many suppress or kill it out of some external evil influences. A hero always sticks to good deeds and justice. They are the givers and keep others’ safety and happiness above theirs. They become leaders, legends, and idols for many not because they stand first but because they stand together.

We all face challenges in life. Moreover, hard times are very critical to humanity in us. Our decisions and the path decide whether we turn out to be a diamond or worthless. A hero never lets selfishness and greediness beat their great principles, compassion, and empathy. They fight all the challenges with great courage and honesty. Heroes remain calm when they don’t know the answers. They know they will find along the way, and for that, they have to move on, taking short breaks in between to reflect. They are aware of the destructive consequences of anger and panic.

Every role that we play in life has a hero in it. For instance, parents are heroes to their children because parents pour all unconditional love on their children. Teachers, doctors, and soldiers are heroes to the nation and world. Last but not least, we are heroes to ourselves if we are rich from the heart and serve the needy to our best ability. It’s your great karmas and kindness that make you a hero, not your looks, gender, religion, cast, and power. To celebrate the greatness, I want to share some of my favorite hero quotes with you all.

Here are 35 of the greatest hero quotes to preserve humanity. I believe these hero quotes will encourage us to serve and love unconditionally.

35 Most Inspiring Hero Quotes To Understand Strength & Greatness

  1. Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the “hero” within us is revealed.” –Bob Riley
  2. “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the power they are graced with.” –Brodi Ashton
  3. “Mothers who work full time – they’re the real heroes.” –Kate Winslet
  4. “If you look inside yourself, and you believe, you can be your own hero.” –Mariah Carey
  5. “A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway.” –Christopher Reeve
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  7. “You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life.” –Dave Winfield
  8. “My heroes are and were my parents. I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.” –Michael Jordan
  9. “Without heroes, we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.” –Bernard Malamud
  10. “Don’t forget, you are the hero of your own story.” –Greg Boyle
  11. “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” –Hercules
  12. “Heroes represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings. A hero can be anyone from Gandhi to your classroom teacher, anyone who can show courage when faced with a problem. A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his or her best capacity.” –Ricky Martin
  13. “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” –Maya Angelou
  14. “A hero is someone we can admire without apology.” –Kitty Kelley
  15. “I think heroes who are not flawed are not believable.” –James McBride
  16. “I think all of us have a hero and a villain in us.” –Anson Mount
  17. “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer.” –Ronald Reagan
  18. “Literature throws us many great heroes. Real life invariably outdoes them.” –Wilbur Smith
  19. “A true hero is not someone who thinks about doing what is right, but one that simply does what is right without thinking!” –Kevin Heath
  20. “Heroes are never perfect, but they’re brave, they’re authentic, they’re courageous, determined, discreet, and they’ve got grit.” –Wade Davis
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  22. “A hero has faced it all: he need not be undefeated, but he must be undaunted.” –Andrew Bernstein
  23. “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” –Bob Dylan
  24. “Heroes have always served as a reflection of their times, a template of who we are and what we want to be.” –David Grann
  25. “A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares.” –Debi Mazar
  26. “It is surmounting difficulties that make heroes.” –Louis Pasteur
  27. “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” –Benjamin Disraeli
  28. “Day after day, ordinary people become heroes through extraordinary and selfless actions to help their neighbors.” –Sylvia Mathews Burwell
  29. . “Love is a hero’s journey, and the hero’s journey is a noble but difficult path.” –Marianne Williamson
  30. True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” –Arthur Ashe
  31. “Heroes are made in the hour of defeat. Success is, therefore, well described as a series of glorious defeats.” –Mahatma Gandhi
  32. “Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it’s my responsibility to make it better.” –Tom McCall
  33. “Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.” –Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  34. “Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.” –Ronald Reagan
  35. “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” –Joseph Campbell

Rahul Bansal

Rahul is a freelance author, chemist, a teacher and has a lot of passion for spirituality, humanity & self-development. Being in the writing industry for many years, Rahul has a plethora of knowledge which he loves to share and discuss with his readers. He loves to write about self-improvement and share quotes he finds inspiring.

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