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Quotes from ordinary people like me and you can sometimes be so powerful that when you analyze the words of people who have left behind great legacies, like this list of Rumi quotes, it opens up the doors to the absolute best humanity has to offer.

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, more popularly known as “Rumi”, was a poet, scholar and theologian. Like most of us, Rumi’s life story was full of intrigue, and drama. From the influence of one of his great friends, Shams Tabrizi, who was a great Persian scholar, Rumi found inspiration and channeled his creative energy into his poetry, which has to this day, touched the lives of millions of people globally. Rumi was a realized mystic of his time, who by his direct and simple poems, made the world re-think about the type of life we live.

Rumi’s words were explained as wise, friendly, and profound. His words were relatable but at the same time spiritually guiding. He is regarded as one of the most popular and accomplished poets of all times, and he has been a bestselling poet in the United States of America. Rumi’s work is so relevant to the modern-day world that it trends on the internet even to this date and is even considered the inspiration for many love songs today!

So, whether you are looking for inner peace or simply writing a song, these Rumi quotes are full of creativity and contentment. Rumi has made an impact on millions of lives globally and I really hope these 41 Rumi quotes are something that help you in your life too! ?

Here are 41 of my favorite Rumi quotes for you to read, remember and retell:

  1. A craftsman pulled a reed from the reed bed, cut holes in it, and called it a human being. Since then, it’s been wailing a tender agony of parting, never mentioning the skill that gave it life as a flute.
  2. A wealth you cannot imagine flows through you. Do not consider what strangers say. Be secluded in your secret heart-house, that bowl of silence.
  3. Be quiet now and wait. It may be that the ocean one, the one we desire so to move into and become, desires us out here on land a little longer, going our sundry roads to the shore.
  4. Dear soul, don’t set a high value on someone before they deserve it; You either lose them or ruin yourself…!
  5. Die! Die! Die in this love! If you die in this love, Your soul will be renewed. Die! Die! Don’t fear the death of that which is known If you die to the temporal, You will become timeless.
  6. Do not seek water, get thirst.
  7. Everything you possess of skill, and wealth, and handicraft, wasn’t it first merely a thought and a quest?
  8. For the thirst to possess your love, is worth my blood a hundred times.
  9. I will soothe you and heal you, I will bring you roses. I too have been covered with thorns.
  10. I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.
  11. For without you, I swear, the town Has become like a prison to me. Distraction and the mountain and the desert, all I desire.
  12. If I could repeat it, people passing by would be enlightened and go free.
  13. If there were no way into God, I would not have lain in the grave of this body so long.
  14. Love calls – everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming?
  15. Like a sculptor, if necessary, carve a friend out of stone. Realize that your inner sight is blind and try to see a treasure in everyone.
  16. Love isn’t the work of the tender and the gentle; Love is the work of wrestlers. The one who becomes a servant of lovers is really a fortunate sovereign. Don’t ask anyone about Love; ask Love about Love. Love is a cloud that scatters pearls.
  17. Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty.
  18. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
  19. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.
  20. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
  21. Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
  22. Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.
  23. Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.
  24. Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.
  25. Rumi Quotes
  26. The cure for pain is in the pain.
  27. As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.
  28. When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
  29. Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes around in another form
  30. Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.
  31. Forget safety.
    Live where you fear to live.
    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.
  32. I don’t get tired of you. Don’t grow weary
    of being compassionate toward me
  33. Infinite mercy flows continually
    But you’re asleep and can’t see it.
    The sleeper’s robe goes on drinking river water
    While he frantically hunts mirages in dreams
    And runs continually here and there shouting,
    “There’ll be water further on, I know!”
    It’s this false thinking that blocks him
    From the path that leads to himself,
    By always saying, “Further on!”
    He’s become estranged from “here”:
    Because of a false fantasy
    He’s driven from reality.
  34. When you are looking straight in front of you, How can you see what’s there behind you too?
  35. If night never came, people would waste themselves pursuing all that they desire. They would give their own bodies to be consumed for the sake of their desires and greed, but night appears, a treasure of Mercy...
  36. O fish! The bated hook is not your friend!
    Go deep, go deep.
  37. Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.
  38. If in thirst you drink water from a cup, you see God in it. Those who are not in love with God will see only their own faces in it
  39. Whoever’s calm and sensible is insane!
  40. Love is the whole thing.
    We are only pieces.
  41. let’s get away from
    all the clever humans
    who put words in our mouth
    let’s only say what our hearts desire

Sundus B

Sundus is the current Editor-In-Chief for CodeofLiving. She is a big advocate for personal development, self-improvement, and learning how the human mind works. She started as one of the first freelance authors to ever write for and continues today to contribute articles on topics she is passionate about.

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1 Comment
  • Christine
    9:26 PM, 26 May 2023

    Thank you. Those are Rumi quotes I’ve never seen before. I enjoyed your choice.
    There is much of my inspiration in Rumi. As a Pop Up greeting card designer, I have used many to create something unique.
    Right now I’m wanting a card that is inspirational to a wide audience, and through it’s words offers something to remind them to be still and enjoy. I used a Maya Angelo quote – “This is a wonderful Day. I’ve never seen it before” in a card that went to business associates, friends and family. They all keep it on a shelf as a reminder. I am open to suggestions if you have any you think would do that. Doesn’t have to be Rumi.

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