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It is disastrous to drift aimlessly through life without a sense of direction. Such individuals believe that fate determines what their future lives will be. They forget that they have an obligation to set goals in order to achieve their dreams. Others have goals that are either too vague or unrealistic. When they are unable to attain their objectives, they get frustrated and never any again. Indeed, without setting the goals of your dreams, it is impossible to attain any dream. If you have been struggling with goal setting, this article is meant for you. Here, you will learn to set and also how to accomplish goals.

1. Why Have Goals?

Before we discuss the essence of goals, it is critical to have an appropriate goal setting definition. There are various definitions of the phrase. One thing that is common among the definitions is the emphasis on the development of an action meant to guide an individual or a group towards the achievement of a particular purpose. The following reasons make goal-setting critical:

  • Having goals is an effective roadmap to success. Without objectives, it is impossible for anyone to attain something meaningful in life.
  • Goals are targets that align life to a certain point.
  • With written goals, one has a definite destination, which aligns his/her life towards a particular achievable objective.
  • You will do whatever it takes to attain the set objectives, including sacrificing and remaining committed.
  • Goals assist in keeping track to determine how you are moving towards achieving what you have planned.
  • You will have priorities and focus on what is important.

2. What Do SMART Goals Entail?

Set Specific Goals: Most people have vague goals which eventually frustrates them. Such goals are too broad to achieve. For example, saying that you would like to earn “a lot of money” before the end of the year sounds good. However, it is too vague to attain. Instead, you can say, “I would like to make $50,000 by the end of the year.”

Set Measurable Goals: Make the goals measurable so that you can determine whether or not you are making progress in the right direction. If your goal was to make $50,000 by the end of the year, you can indicate that you need to make $30,000 within the first six months.

Set Attainable Goals: The goal should be achievable. Set a goal that you can achieve. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can raise the $50,000 by the time the year ends.

Set Realistic Goals: Do not have unrealistic goals as this will discourage you from working on them. For instance, if you target to raise 1$ billion by the end of the year. However, this may not work if your capacity is less than $100,000.

Have A Time Line: A goal should have a deadline so that you focus on delivering on time.

3. Set A Time Limit

Most people work on goals forever. Such individuals fail to appreciate that all objectives should be time-bound. Where a goal is not time-constrained, it will not create a sense of urgency and motivation to attain it. Consider the following two important questions:

  • What is the deadline for the achievement of this goal?
  • When should I attain this goal?

These two questions will assist you to identify the time you need to set for the attainment of the set goal. You will set a time limit that is realistic and hence find it easy to achieve what you have planned. Assuming that you write articles, you will need to have a time constraint on how long an article should take to write. The move will ensure that you do not spend too much time on one article, yet you can use the same time to write many articles.

4. Focus On Essential Areas Of Your Life

What all aspects of your life are important, not all of them are “that important.” Hence, you need to have goals in important areas of your life. These critical aspects should be priorities in your life:

  • Identify what you wish to achieve in your work and set goals accordingly.
  • Identify people who are important to you. These could your spouse, parents, or children. Have goals on how you can improve relationships with them. Are there aspects that need to be repaired? What should you do to enhance the relationship?
  • Your progress in life depends largely on your continued good health. Plan how you will be healthy. You may decide to do more exercise and take healthier diets.
  • Set objectives on how you will generate money. Work on ways to increase your income while at the same time decreasing expenses.
  • Social life. Have goals on how you will enhance relationships with friends and colleagues.

5. Have A Measurable Unit

Measuring goals may appear obvious. However, it is impossible to measure them if they are not framed in terms of a particular measuring unit. There should be a measuring unit for every single goal that quantifies success as well as a unit of time that measures success. Measuring goals is an effective way of determining if you are heading in the right direction. Without a way of quantifying, you will not have feedback on the progress you are making. Every goal you make should be leasable against a specific unit.

Conclusively, having objectives in life is critical for success. Without them, it is impossible for anybody to attain anything significant. Having objectives enables us to focus our energy and time on a specific thing. It also provides the motivation needed to work hard towards a particular objective. However, you need to appreciate that not all things in your life are important. Hence, setting priority on important things is needed. Identify the aspects of your life that are dear to you and set goals on them. Remember the golden rule, all goals should be SMART. Otherwise, you will end up being frustrated for failing to actualize your plans.

Leon Edmunds

Leon Edmunds writes for blogs and works as an academic writer at EduJungles, a professional essay writing service. His main interests are content marketing, communication skills development and blogging. Every day he is looking for new ideas to help people achieve their career goals. His team is working as an ideal vehicle.

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