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depression and anxiety

Anyone who has ever tried to fight depression and anxiety knows how tough it really is. Everything in life seems much more challenging than it actually is. From going to work, being in a relationship, being a good parent, sleeping at night, waking up in the morning, to socializing with friends. Everything feels like a burden and unfair. Thankfully, there are several healthy changes you can make in your life and successfully battle the symptoms of depression. We will be looking into 5 of these changes, even as we appreciate the fact that what works for you might not work for someone else. Also, we understand that one tactic can work for you one day and not be as effective the next day.

Here are 5 healthy ways to help you overcome your depression and anxiety:

1. Set Achievable Goals

Every little task appears daunting and unachievable when battling depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is unwise to set big goals or take on what would be a daunting task even under normal circumstances. The best thing to do is break things down to small chunks and work towards achieving them in the shortest time possible. Don’t rush, don’t freak out, don’t overwork, but be steadfast in everything you do. Instead of trying to imagine a day’s deadlines, think about how you will take breakfast, how you will shower, how you will get to work, and basically how you will complete a step at a time. When you get through one day, set your expectations for the next and don’t forget to congratulate and reward yourself for the small achievements of the day.

2. Build A Support Network

A strong support network is as important as medication or even therapy. Loneliness and the feeling of overwhelm is the last thing you want when battling depression and anxiety. If you have a supportive friend, maybe it is time you made the existing bond even stronger. If there is a member of your family who is supportive and who could be willing to help you through this unfortunate phase, by all means, stay close to them. The simple assurance that someone will be there for you when you need help is enough to ease your depression and anxiety.

If you don’t have a reliable friend or a supportive family member, why not join a support group? A community group where you go to share your problems with people who have been affected by the same problem or who are going through the same rough patch as you could go a long way toward alleviating your depression.

3. Invest In Yourself & Your “Safe Place”

Your home should be a safe and happy place for you. Change a few aspects of your home in order to boost your mood and happiness.

Because depression precipitates poor cooking and eating habits, invest in kitchen remodelling in order to transform your kitchen into a functional, appetizing, and peaceful space. A simple upgrade such as increased natural light in the dining area can help improve your appetite. It can also encourage you to cook more often rather than an order to take away foods. If you are struggling with poor sleep quality or stress, repainting your bedroom walls, adding inspirational wall art, or adding indoor plants can go a long way towards improving your mood.

Home remodelling also involves adding new, better-cushioned furniture in your living area. Cushion the kitchen floor in order to make it more comfortable to stand on. Especially when you have to stand at the sink for long hours. Whatever is frustrating you right now, stop holding onto it. It could also be a small TV that makes you feel incomplete. Replace it. Remodelling can also help you get your mind off of whatever is holding you down, alleviate your tensions, and causing you depression and anxiety.

4. Maintain A Healthy & Fulfilling Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is incredibly important for your body and mind. All foods are not equal. Some foods such as caffeine, meat, and alcohol can negatively affect your mood. Whereas other foods like, vegetables and cereals can reduce your irritability and positively affect your brain and mood. It will help if you could reduce your intake of foods that contain excessive preservative chemicals. Sugary snacks and baked comfort foods should be avoided as they quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy.

Note that eating well doesn’t imply overeating. Excessive eating will make you gain weight quickly and make you uncomfortable with your body. On the flip side, don’t skip any of the day’s three meals or go for too long without food. Ensure that you take a snack between the three main meals, say at 10 in the morning and three hours after you take lunch.

5. Seek Professional Help

There is no shame in being depressed. So, you should not shy from seeking professional help either from a therapist, a mentor, or a psychologist. There are several differences between coaching and mentoring, so make sure to approach the one that fulfills your requirements best. It is best if you could consult a professional right from when you suffer from mild or moderate depression rather than wait until the depression is out of hand.


Although depression and anxiety aren’t diagnosable problems, you can always keep it under control by doing any of the five things discussed above. Always look out for warning signs so that you can seek help early enough.

Rilind Elezaj

Rilind Elezaj is a devoted career specialist who trained at Animas Coaching. He helps people make career choices that feel genuinely right for them. He usually helps the individual evaluate their background, curiosities, passions and training so that they can choose a job, business or type of further education that helps them be successful and fulfilled. When he is not helping others, you can find him exploring the deepness of nature.

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