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Short Quotes

Quotes are VERY powerful. On the surface, they are just a bunch of words, but when you ponder over them, they reveal powerful ideas that resonate with your core. I mean, someone did “quote” these words for a reason :).

Personally, one of the biggest reasons why I love quotes is because of how relatable they can be. Quotes tend to be simplistic and easy to remember and echo what is in our hearts. Plus, I think quotes are very effective in bettering yourself because they help your mind focus on particular topics at a time. Unlike other literary tools, quotes and short quotes, in particular, give you the ability to concentrate on one idea with no outside distractions.

So whether it’s for self-motivation, your next t-shirt design, or simply for your Instagram bio, this collection of short quotes is full of powerful ideas packed into tiny little packages of words. They have made a profound positive impact on my life, and I’m sure they will make one in yours as well!

Here are 55 of my favorite short quotes for you to read, remember and retell:

  1. Love For All, Hatred For None. – Khalifatul Masih III
  2. Change the world by being yourself. – Amy Poehler
  3. Every moment is a fresh beginning. – T.S Eliot
  4. Never regret anything that made you smile. – Mark Twain
  5. Die with memories, not dreams. – Unknown
  6. Aspire to inspire before we expire. – Unknown
  7. Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso
  8. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci
  9. Whatever you do, do it well. – Walt Disney
  10. What we think, we become. – Buddha
  11. All limitations are self-imposed. – Oliver Wendell Holmes
  12. Tough times never last but tough people do. – Robert H. Schiuller
  13. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. – Robert H. Schiuller
  14. One day the people that don’t even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you. – Johnny Depp
  15. If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name. – Kendrick Lamar
  16. If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything. – Mark Twain
  17. Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish. – Jessica N. S. Yourko
  18. Hate comes from intimidation, love comes from appreciation. – Tyga
  19. I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong. – Harvey Specter
  20. Oh, the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind. – Dr. Seuss
  21. Determine your priorities and focus on them. – Eileen McDargh
  22. Be so good they can’t ignore you. – Steve Martin
  23. Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. – James Dean
  24. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it. – Nike
  25. I don’t need it to be easy, I need it to be worth it. – Lil Wayne
  26. Short Quote Doubt - Updated
  27. Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. – Drake
  28. Nothing lasts forever but at least we got these memories. – J. Cole
  29. Don’t you know your imperfections is a blessing? – Kendrick Lamar
  30. Reality is wrong, dreams are for real. – Tupac
  31. To live will be an awfully big adventure. – Peter Pan
  32. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. – Maya Angelou
  33. There is no substitute for hard work. – Thomas Edison
  34. What consumes your mind controls your life- Unknown
  35. Strive for greatness. – Lebron James
  36. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are. – Kurt Cobain
  37. And still, I rise. – Maya Angelou
  38. The time is always right to do what is right. – Martin Luther King Jr.
  39. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. – Rumi
  40. May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela
  41. A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world. – Atticus
  42. White is not always light and black is not always dark. – Habeeb Akande
  43. Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. – R. Brault
  44. Happiness depends upon ourselves. – Aristotle
  45. Turn your wounds into wisdom. – Oprah Winfrey
  46. Change the game, don’t let the game change you. – Macklemore
  47. It hurt because it mattered. – John Green
  48. If the world was blind how many people would you impress? – Boonaa Mohammed
  49. I will remember and recover, not forgive and forget. – Unknown
  50. The meaning of life is to give life meaning. – Ken Hudgins
  51. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. – Nelson Henderson
  52. When words fail, music speaks. – Shakespeare
  53. Embrace the glorious mess that you are. – Elizabeth Gilbert
  54. Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow. – Vincent van Gogh
  55. I have nothing to lose but something to gain. – Eminem 

Share your favorite short quotes I might have missed in the comments:

I hope you enjoyed my collection of short quotes and captions! I’m confident you found something you liked, but in case there is a really awesome short quote I missed, please make sure to share it below in the comments! Let’s try to make this post the ultimate collection of short quotes on the Internet. So far, we have 400+ submissions of the best short quotes shared below in the comments by readers like yourself.

Add your favorite quote below now! 🙂

Sundus B

Sundus is the current Editor-In-Chief for CodeofLiving. She is a big advocate for personal development, self-improvement, and learning how the human mind works. She started as one of the first freelance authors to ever write for and continues today to contribute articles on topics she is passionate about.

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  • Rhonda ivey
    10:48 PM, 28 September 2023

    The pain slowly fades, but the love lasts forever.

    I love that quote so much. It is so true

  • Michelle J
    5:04 AM, 23 September 2023

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    To avoid a fight or stupid argument just say
    “I pick my battles, and this isn’t one of them”.

  • Rae
    5:21 PM, 16 August 2023

    Thank you for putting this together. I can tell you are a positive person. I am also a positive person and sometimes people don’t understand us. It allows me to make my own Happiness.


  • One Otok
    8:52 AM, 30 June 2023

    Yang Jelas Hidup Itu Ibarat Mimpi..
    Jika Anda Tidak Mempunyai Keinginan.
    Sudah Dapat Dipastikan,Anda Tidak Memiliki Tujuan.

    1:42 PM, 18 April 2023

    Men’s bathroom is always on the Left
    Because women are always Right

    Don’t know who said it
    Loved your quotes
    Stay Groovy

  • Rhonda
    7:12 AM, 14 February 2023

    All you need is love. By John Lennon

  • Sandy
    3:17 PM, 16 January 2023

    Does anyone know the author? ‘Beyond right and wrong lies a field. I’ll meet you there.
    I heard it quoted on a TV show many years ago.

    • Youmee
      12:48 AM, 26 March 2023

      Hey Sandy,

      The quote you’re speaking of comes from Rumi & the TV Show was ‘The Victim TV Mini Series 2019’
      👇Info below from it & Links (? if they’re allowed)👇
      😊 Hope it helps 💜mee

      👉*** The series ends with a Rumi quote: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This is a reinterpretation by the American Coleman Barks, who helped popularize Rumi’s writings.

  • Aimee
    10:05 AM, 12 August 2022

    Also, I love..

    “Focus on the step in front, not the whole staircase” – Unknown.

  • Aimee
    10:03 AM, 12 August 2022

    “Feel the fear & do it anyway”. – Susan Jeffers.

  • aflash Kelvin
    1:56 AM, 2 August 2022

    Nice piece . The quotes are wisdom oriented and healing .

  • Kelvin boakye
    1:52 AM, 2 August 2022

    Nice piece . The quotes are heart warning and memorable. Hope to contribute in no too long a time.

  • Bright Hero
    3:30 AM, 25 May 2022

    Nice quotes, i believe that love can heal the world

  • Haruna Rashid Mwalimu
    5:51 PM, 23 May 2022

    “The meaning of life is to give life meaning” it is an expiration quote which remaind people their duties to make everything alright.

    10:05 AM, 20 May 2022

    People will take every think from u but not Fate

  • Mary J
    8:19 AM, 20 May 2022

    You can love a person enough to leave them when you know their not RIGHT for you.

  • Ayodele Joshua
    10:03 AM, 15 May 2022

    Secret to a good life is good day, start with today

    5:25 PM, 11 May 2022

    My fave quote is “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving”. – Albert Einstein

    5:21 PM, 11 May 2022

    I quoted my friend his quote was “This soccer goal is the turning point of 6th-grade power”.

  • Vincent Hand Jugmohan
    9:42 AM, 9 May 2022

    You have bad days…. You have bad games. You only average 3 kills per game, you would get sh*t on by your enemies and your teammates. Bro your so bad that your 1 year old brother will destroys you 13-0 in val, and your score at the end of the game is always 3/22/0… you honestly deserve air 2 rank…. My newborn cousin would play better than you anytime. Bro I don’t wanna hear it “sponge” in Valorant.

  • Vincent Hand
    9:27 AM, 9 May 2022

    Some days are not as good as other because you get 2 kills in val cuz ur bad wood 2 i dont wanna hear it L bro u get boasted and level 21 and still only geting 5 kills a game :skull:

  • Qamar Zaman
    4:00 AM, 7 May 2022

    Many of life’s failure are people who don’t realized how they were closed to succeed when they gave up..

  • Anshika Kumari
    8:55 PM, 30 April 2022

    If you don’t want betrayal, don’t bring expectations in your mind….- Anshika Kumari

  • Carolyn Miller
    5:18 PM, 30 April 2022

    What is understandable don’t need to be explained..

  • Jackson onyemauche
    11:36 AM, 27 April 2022

    Very very nice I lead alot from here

  • Edwin Dominic Chanda
    8:10 AM, 21 April 2022

    Pantience can cook a stone

  • Chantel Cook
    8:28 AM, 10 April 2022

    Every dark cloud, doesn’t mean it’s going to rain.-Vincent Cook

    • Alyan Gujjar
      2:21 PM, 5 June 2022
      This website is provide daily setup by setup blog post.vist now

  • Chanu
    6:04 AM, 10 April 2022

    Try and try one day you can fly

  • Linda
    8:59 PM, 5 April 2022

    “I can’t until I can.” Joe De Sena

  • natailya
    11:16 AM, 4 April 2022

    I don’t need it to be easy, I need it to be worth it. is my favorite quote

  • Artwell Miya
    6:48 PM, 31 March 2022

    Life is life with challenges, believe in yourself.

  • Soji Solarin
    7:40 AM, 28 March 2022

    The measure of a worthy life is what you do to serve others than your gains.
    The quotes have built up things which had been pulled down, so let us go on and on.

  • Raylynn Miller
    10:50 AM, 25 March 2022

    Life goes on but the scars remain – Lil Wayne
    Never apologize for what you feel it’s like being sorry for being realm- Lil Wayne
    Sometimes you just need a boost of courage and confidence from that one person – Raylynn Miller

    10:46 PM, 23 March 2022


  • Doc Miller
    5:53 PM, 23 March 2022

    “ Laughter is the wonder drug, with no side affects”

  • Marc H. Kaliisa
    1:43 PM, 22 March 2022

    It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela

  • Marc H. Kaliisa
    1:41 PM, 22 March 2022

    Never say “I can’t do it” just say “how can I do it”

  • Renallin
    8:23 PM, 21 March 2022

    Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

  • Kgaogelo Lekota
    1:48 PM, 17 March 2022

    Nothing Is Impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.

  • Thirda Lynshing
    5:49 AM, 17 March 2022

    Be true to yourself and to those around you.
    Let them know what you’re really worthy of.

    10:41 PM, 14 March 2022


    • Gerald luska
      5:40 AM, 21 March 2022

      Nice nice I adore you

  • Don
    3:48 PM, 13 March 2022

    Good quote; “A wize warrior chooses his Battles”
    Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce
    So many Battles in our personal lives that aren’t worth fighting !

  • Laxmi sapkale
    9:32 AM, 12 March 2022

    It’s really so powerful🔥

  • Khushi
    5:17 AM, 11 March 2022

    Just do what ever u want don’t wait for others…..

  • Kimberely Balo
    1:51 PM, 10 March 2022

    I have two favorite quotes. I love yours as well. My favorite one was:”If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?” That’s awesome!!
    The other”I could agree with you, but then we both would be wrong”
    My personal favorites are:
    “The only difference between a weed and a flower is an opinion”
    (I don’t know who said it)
    “Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet”
    -Roger Miller

  • Melissa
    12:35 AM, 10 March 2022

    There is only one day of every week that you have the power to change. All the other days have already came, and all the days after it are still undetermined. It is today.

    • Donna
      1:47 PM, 21 March 2022

      ” have already come” rather than ” have already came” ( a correction )

  • Ayush
    9:48 PM, 8 March 2022

    Never feel yourself alone, this affects mental ability, always feel like you are the one for yourself..❤️❤️

    • Gbedemah
      7:55 PM, 25 March 2022

      I think this quotes was meant for me

  • Nick
    12:58 PM, 7 March 2022

    …”there is no such thing as a trailar hitch on a hearse,” …You can’t take things with you as life is not a rehearsal”

  • Minna
    9:33 PM, 4 March 2022

    Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare

  • Lauren Baird
    9:55 AM, 18 February 2022

    Everybody has there own kind of weird

  • Rupedra patel
    10:11 AM, 14 February 2022

    No door is stronger than our will power.

  • Dana Emleh
    1:36 PM, 13 February 2022

    Fear causes hesitation, hesitation causes fear
    ~ Dana Emleh

    • abdi debele
      6:09 AM, 7 March 2022


  • George
    1:40 AM, 11 February 2022


  • muksini
    12:04 AM, 11 February 2022

    It’s always you

  • Paul Mabior
    9:59 AM, 4 February 2022

    I’m very glad to you for your commitment you did to teach us. I’m disable young man

  • Patty
    8:43 AM, 3 February 2022

    I Love You More Today yet Never Less than Yesterday

    James Bourbonnais

    • Patty
      8:47 AM, 3 February 2022

      My Father, To My Mother
      Every Occasion He Could

      It’s on His Headstone
      In Memory of

      `His Love`

  • Patty
    8:38 AM, 3 February 2022

    (Fear causes (Hesitation

    Hesitation) causes Fear)

    Patrick Sayaze

  • Ali Naghavi
    7:25 AM, 2 February 2022

    Modern life does not let us to have enough time to read novel,poem or story,so the best thing to gives awareness to the people is quote.
    Quotes are are human’s wealth and the best words of wise men during the history.
    For example: No one sees tomorrow. It means that,we should live in the present time and learn from past and have plan for future.
    Thank you.

  • Faridah Selamat
    7:32 PM, 1 February 2022

    All well ends well..definitely!

  • Rakesh
    12:05 AM, 1 February 2022

    Life is beutiful

  • elle
    2:27 PM, 26 January 2022

    I really liked these quotes i have been feeling down and i wanted to spread joy by leaving quotes all around the school

  • Naheed
    11:02 PM, 25 January 2022

    Lovely collection!

    1. waste not, want not.
    2. Supervision is superior vision not suspicion.
    3. Success is failure turned inside out.
    4. A child is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit. — Rabelias
    5. Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes a deep impression.—Haim Ginott.
    6. A critic is a ma who knows the way but cannot drive the car.
    —— Kenneth Tynan

  • K.Veerabhadraiah, India the great
    10:20 PM, 23 January 2022

    Golden thoughts or Quotations or Statements are seem to be short but they are framed with long experiences with almost life spans of many eminent persons across the planet.These 55 quotations collected here are found supremely superb and so awesome.

  • Jeannine frei
    6:23 AM, 23 January 2022

    When you see the sunrise in the morning is God saying smile I’m here for you.

  • Phillip
    7:55 AM, 22 January 2022

    Never taste the depth of the river with two feet.

  • Sulaiman Aliyu Buchure
    7:12 AM, 22 January 2022

    May God bless you from all channels, corner and angle …bravo.

  • Carol A Barnes
    10:50 AM, 15 January 2022

    Make today so great that yesterday gets jealous.

  • Carol A Barnes
    10:34 AM, 15 January 2022

    I wanted to find short quotes to sew on items
    I make. Thanks for giving me five.

  • David McRae
    5:11 PM, 13 January 2022

    Your problems and adversaries are only as powerful as you allow them to be

  • Claudio Buenanueva
    8:51 PM, 12 January 2022

    Love who you are

  • Claudio Buenanueva
    8:50 PM, 12 January 2022

    Well I made this quote but
    Believe in yourself so others can believe in you

  • Gautam.T
    8:12 PM, 10 January 2022

    “Don’t look for light to find something, Be a light so that people can see you all the time.”

  • Mike Miller
    12:28 PM, 10 January 2022

    If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity nothing else matters.

    • Don Beck
      4:15 PM, 13 March 2022

      ‘The least productive Senator, is the one from the Great State of Confusion , for he has too many followers and too much money “

    • Gypo. Crimmy
      4:20 PM, 13 March 2022

      Bingo !

  • Margo
    2:27 PM, 31 December 2021

    Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

  • Saša
    4:52 PM, 27 December 2021

    If you want to know what God thinks about money – look at the people to whom He gave it.

  • J Berman
    11:45 PM, 25 December 2021

    Be curious, not judgemental – Walt Whitman

    The above quote is needed more Today than ever…along with Tyga’s #18 Quote above

  • G.T.
    1:18 PM, 22 December 2021

    I eat to live, I don’t live to eat. My Mom told me her Dad used to say that.

  • G.T.
    1:11 PM, 22 December 2021

    Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past.
    Also: Be here now

  • Enock kipkorir langat
    11:13 AM, 20 December 2021

    Poverty is the state of minds.

  • Timmy Sandridge
    7:54 PM, 18 December 2021

    You have the Best sayings I have ever found on the World Wide Web. Thank you for sharing them, I read each and every one and can relate to a Lot of them. #1 to me. ✨✨☝️✨✨

  • Lisa Anquoe
    11:34 PM, 16 December 2021

    Pettiness is but a pale shadow in my life of light.

    • Enock kipkorir langat
      11:16 AM, 20 December 2021

      Nice saying

  • Michael
    7:03 AM, 16 December 2021


  • Anon
    6:08 AM, 15 December 2021

    //”Look for the flowers not the dead slugs”

    • SLJ
      8:08 AM, 31 January 2022

      The humor of it makes it stick in one’s mind, and makes it memorable and captivating, but it does have neat & meaningful truth to it, also.

  • Randy Wilkinson
    3:38 AM, 15 December 2021

    Live For Now

    That is a quote I came up with 40 years ago. It’s on my license plate. It’s also the way I’ve always tried to live my life and I have instilled this direction into my three children and those who have befriended me over the years.

  • James
    7:04 AM, 13 December 2021

    Share what is good. Never spill anyones blood.undo the dam of love Enjoy the FLOOD

    • Timmy Sandridge
      8:00 PM, 18 December 2021

      Really a Great Read & Meaning.

  • Colin Hugh Abbott Jarrahdale Western Australia.
    7:13 PM, 12 December 2021

    We don’t have to win the human race … just save it.

  • Jishnu.
    4:19 AM, 9 December 2021

    These all are too simple to ignore

  • Deart klein
    8:47 PM, 7 December 2021

    Never trust words. Some people have sugar in their lips but venoms in their hearts

    • Timmy Sandridge
      8:04 PM, 18 December 2021

      This is absolutely Perfection. ✅✅✅✅

    • Bradyn
      8:02 PM, 22 December 2021

      Great quote. This will help me live my life the way god intended me to.
      – person to rename nameless

  • Deart klein
    8:45 PM, 7 December 2021

    Motivation words are so good ..becoz helps people in changing their lives ..and styles and not seeing themselves as a failure

  • Alistair P. B.
    5:20 PM, 3 December 2021

    Imagination will get you through reality

    • Timmy Sandridge
      8:05 PM, 18 December 2021

      Very Good 👍🏼

  • Appiah Dennis
    4:25 PM, 27 November 2021

    The quotes make life simple live at times

  • Gilbert Sylvester
    6:48 PM, 22 November 2021

    Life is a war, be a soldier

    • Enock kipkorir langat
      11:34 AM, 20 December 2021

      Exactly at the point

  • Raisa momin
    7:57 AM, 20 November 2021

    Wow it just amazing Quotes

  • Arnie S
    2:13 AM, 17 November 2021

    When I learn from my failures they will become my successes…
    Be a rich person by needing the least
    You can’t recycle wasted time.

    • Prince
      7:59 AM, 22 January 2022

      That’s nice a quote and meaningful.

  • Shehryar Suhael
    2:37 PM, 13 November 2021

    “Tomorrow is now.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

  • When life dumps on you clean it up and keep going
    2:05 PM, 12 November 2021

    When life dumps on you clean it up and keep going

  • Kumar Anand
    2:01 PM, 12 November 2021

    Grt Grt

  • Phoebe O'Niel
    4:47 PM, 9 November 2021

    I love all the quotes.

  • Mary E Reed
    1:31 AM, 9 November 2021

    Beware,of the one who holds the key to your heart.

  • Christian Murphy
    3:50 PM, 3 November 2021

    Hello my name is Christian Murphy i am the inventor of The Spelling Hive a place where people can go to learn all things spelling. I have been working on it for the past 19years and have now acquired a substantial amount of data to share with the public. My favorite quote was that of Martin Luther King Jr. which states that “The time is always right to do what is right” which is how The Spelling Hive started. It was right at the time to the right thing and most importantly get it right, which is what I have been working on.

    • Timmy Sandridge
      8:17 PM, 18 December 2021

      There are many-many statements that Mr. King spoke & each and everyone of them has a calmness to them, powerful and Truth. A MAN of Great visions that was taken from this life entirely to soon. He made a difference in his wisdom & His Legacy is one ☝️ that I personally will never forget..✨💫

  • shahid
    3:39 AM, 3 November 2021

    your Good work helping me. Thanks.

  • Julius T. Villegas
    9:50 PM, 31 October 2021

    Good intentions but bad decisions

  • lammert bottema
    8:35 PM, 31 October 2021

    Your only assignment : CELEBRATE blessings

  • Sushila
    12:39 AM, 31 October 2021

    You’ve got only one life.
    Marry the person you love..

    • Prince
      6:00 AM, 7 December 2021


  • RiseRose
    3:47 AM, 29 October 2021

    Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

    • Appiah Dennis
      4:28 PM, 27 November 2021

      Real talk sister 🥰

  • shariful alam
    11:50 AM, 28 October 2021

    Be good and the good will come to you.

  • Michelle Shafer
    10:40 AM, 28 October 2021

    Today’s a great day to have a great day🥰😉

  • William Davis
    4:56 PM, 24 October 2021

    I have an insatiable appetite for motivation, resolve, and determination…

  • Ravi Menon
    1:12 AM, 22 October 2021

    Good collection short and sweet

  • John S
    9:52 PM, 19 October 2021

    Keep them guessing and they will never see you coming. Ralph smithson

  • nour yousri
    4:43 PM, 17 October 2021

    you are strong dont give up on your dreams if you are a bad guy this message isn t for you

  • Progress
    4:28 PM, 11 October 2021

    I love you quote message God bless you all 🎉

  • Shauna
    3:57 AM, 9 October 2021

    A woman’s power is to believe in herself!!!

  • peter barnes
    8:15 PM, 4 October 2021

    More than one way to crack an egg?

  • Maxwell
    6:07 PM, 28 September 2021

    Thanks for changing my life

  • Gaurav
    11:29 AM, 21 September 2021

    Regreats will hurt more than hard work ever does..

    • bella
      10:39 AM, 14 January 2022

      Mising speling clas herts bowth of uz.

  • Farhana JM 💜
    11:27 AM, 17 September 2021

    I loved it! Motivating people is what I love <3

    • Jorge Fuad Acosta Bascha
      8:14 AM, 24 September 2021

      That’s so sweet of you, if the world had more people like you we would have more successful people!

  • Max Riedl
    6:59 PM, 11 September 2021

    I really enjoy sayings as I look for the meaning of my life. Now I think I found it by experiencing it.

    It is SHARING …….

  • Mounir
    12:58 AM, 10 September 2021

    Hi everyone, these quotes are great for motivation! I just put the 10 one as my phone wallpaper! I also love watching motivational videos like this one:

    What kind of videos do you watch?

  • Gary Parker
    12:43 AM, 10 September 2021

    Do something for someone everydqy and except nothing in return.

  • Agness joackim
    5:33 AM, 8 September 2021

    ~A super student, make upper marks✍🏾

    • Jatinder
      10:25 AM, 24 September 2021

      👌🏻 Just reading them ldid lift my mood

  • Jackie
    1:13 PM, 7 September 2021

    You forgot the saying “mistakes are proof that you are trying”.

  • rawan
    3:22 AM, 7 September 2021

    hi Your quotes is usefull

    • Lilly
      12:46 AM, 23 September 2021

      I loved these so much

  • Shedrhaks
    5:08 AM, 5 September 2021

    Try not to make mistakes, so that you won’t have much to correct. Cos you will surely make mistakes

  • Ataullah khan
    3:41 AM, 5 September 2021

    Roses do not grow only in the courtyard of kings, they also grow in the backyard of begger’s.

  • Lochlan Taukeiaho
    2:38 AM, 5 September 2021

    If it doesn’t make you smile, it ain’t worth it.

    • Love=Joy
      7:34 PM, 28 December 2021

      Not totally true but:
      It is worth it to smile~___________

  • khadija
    9:53 AM, 31 August 2021

    Hi there, I really like your quotes. Its really great ones.
    and I have a quote but it’s an old one and it says ” Behind every icy heart, there’s a heartbreaking story”.

  • Mimi
    9:05 PM, 29 August 2021

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    3 things I will not discuss with you
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    Let yourself be drawn by the stronger
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    Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow. Helen Keller

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    1. “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached” : Swami Vivekananda
    2. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow” : Mahatma Gandhi
    3. “In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart ” : Swami Vivekananda
    4. “Knowledge leads to unity, but ignorance to diversity” : Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa Deva

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    Short Quotes About Love

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    To be rather than to seem makes a man wiser

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      3:36 AM, 14 June 2021

      Ooh be patient and trust GOD

    • Monja
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      Hey, how are you at the moment? Myanmar’s situation sounds awful, actually, I can’t find any words for such cruelty. I really hope you get democracy soon too 🙁
      Only the best wishes to you and your loved ones <3

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      Dear Aye,

      Your story is touching. I see regular acts of courage via BBC news. It reminds me of the classic quote on courage.

      ..Courage is not having strength to go on. It’s going on when you have no strength…

      Winter Wishes

      • Merrilyn Langford
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    My victory or defeat is in my hand only!

  • Shaikh Mumtaz Begum
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    Exceed your limits and see the miracle!

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    Benevolence makes you immortal.

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    To be prepared is half the victory

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    If you want to be the best you, let go of what’s stopping you

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    Live for yourself, not others.
    Be the real you, and put down that mask.

    I thought of these and, it happens sometimes.

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    Be your own boss.

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    There is hope, in despair
    There is God, in the darkest days

  • Jaisha
    4:58 AM, 3 May 2020

    Do what makes you happy not what makes the next person because who life are you living ?

  • Taylor
    11:58 PM, 28 April 2020

    #31 is incorrect. Peter Pan said, “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

  • Isaiah cordova
    12:47 PM, 22 April 2020

    When words fail, Music speaks the truth!

    • Herman
      5:12 AM, 20 July 2021


  • lina
    10:47 AM, 20 April 2020

    Let’s do our best in our life and never regret!

  • Silent Annie
    5:11 PM, 19 April 2020

    Gossip is like currency, it buys attention.

    Be wiser, not weaker

  • Camila da Cruz
    1:41 AM, 18 April 2020

    Let your smile change the world,
    But don’t let the world change your smile.

  • qaisar
    8:41 AM, 17 April 2020

    If You Have No Critics You Will Likely Have No Success

  • kelsey charter
    7:32 PM, 6 April 2020

    believe in yourself and see that your just as good as you are

    • kelsey charter
      7:49 PM, 6 April 2020

      just as good as you think you are

      • Naufel
        9:55 AM, 7 August 2021

        Do your duty, that is your beauty !

  • Martin Gladdines
    11:22 PM, 1 April 2020

    Everything in life is based on making choices. The only reall choice is who do you want to be.

  • The realist
    4:17 AM, 31 March 2020

    If u like it I love it…expections where only made by selfish eyes

  • The realist
    4:14 AM, 31 March 2020

    To Have a real conversation with GOD isn’t talking to him where ppl can c u. It’s when nobody’s else can c u conversating with him with your heart.

    • JustMez2
      6:04 PM, 31 May 2020

      When people see/hear me talking to myself, I simply answer, God hears me so there.

  • The realist
    4:09 AM, 31 March 2020

    A candle light don’t cost nothing but a thought and fallowing threw with the thought…and it means the same one in a billion feeling to both sides her and him

  • The realist
    4:06 AM, 31 March 2020

    People gonna either treat you two types of ways in this world 1. If u need them
    2. Or if they want u
    If they treat u if u need them they have room to do u bad and in the end say “u need me”
    If they treat u is if they want u they treat u with nothing but good cause they keep showing u how much they want u n they life…facts

  • The realist
    3:58 AM, 31 March 2020

    Take your number 1 and number 2 and cross them when’s the last time u said we gonna be like this forever

  • maryam munir
    5:11 AM, 29 March 2020

    reality is real and dream is not real
    dream is just you thinking whatever you want nothing else

    • Bella
      4:12 AM, 8 February 2022

      Dreams & Imagination;
      Design our Reality

      • Bella
        5:00 AM, 8 February 2022

        For Maryam…
        What I wrote above, is not a quote ‘found’, it is how I live my life – it’s how I love my life.
        Open your mind – Your heart will be enticed, to follow.
        Lol, they just keep comin’ ☺
        Smile hun – Life Is Fun, when you let it be!
        Therefore, I say to you Maryam, Dare to Dream,
        Dream to Envision,
        Envision – to Live & Love,
        Your Dreams-Realized Reality
        – From my heart, to yours {❤}

  • Adrian
    3:22 PM, 23 March 2020

    A wise person learns from their own mistakes…a genius learns from others.

  • Caroleann
    8:17 AM, 19 March 2020

    Learn by others mistakes, you don’t have time to make them all yourself!

  • .
    9:50 PM, 17 March 2020

    Its not the load that breaks you, its the way you carry it

  • Rich Giuliani
    6:13 PM, 17 March 2020

    Culture eats talent for breakfast

    • ben dover
      5:19 PM, 5 January 2022

      0: thats gay

      • ben
        5:20 PM, 5 January 2022

        wrong gay guy my bad

  • Rick
    6:05 PM, 17 March 2020

    The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to it.

    • kelsey charter
      7:36 PM, 6 April 2020

      that is true

  • Home quotes
    10:45 AM, 16 March 2020

    Very nice your contents

  • Summer
    5:03 PM, 15 March 2020

    Let your light shine

  • Summer
    5:02 PM, 15 March 2020

    Line upon line, precept upon precept

  • Peter Reincke
    12:35 PM, 14 March 2020

    That which doesn’t kill you, makes you feel alive.

  • Rich Giuliani
    9:15 AM, 14 March 2020

    Don’t make your problem mine.

  • Ciara Raeside
    7:51 PM, 12 March 2020

    “Be yourself, None else.”
    Would be a good quote.

  • Lin Koh
    9:27 AM, 11 March 2020

    My life has been and I know will continue to be a roller coaster ride! What makes it all worthwhile is the relationship and rapport I have with the riders screaming in excitement and joy when the ride is up and holding hands together praying all will go well when it’s down.
    What I have learned from my 57 years of life? The key to happiness is indeed the healthy relationship we foster, be it with parents, partners, kids, siblings, friends,…. being isolated is the worse life’s punishment I envisage.

  • deepansh namdeo
    9:02 AM, 11 March 2020

    Never mind …!!

  • Joyce w
    1:08 PM, 10 March 2020

    You have to clean out the wound in order for it to heal.

    • lina
      7:58 AM, 20 April 2020

      What does it mean? Thank you.

  • Joyce
    1:06 PM, 10 March 2020

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect

  • Richard Kyagulanyi
    6:38 PM, 7 March 2020

    The true you, comes from what you do.

  • dhanya.p
    5:13 AM, 6 March 2020

    You don’t need a whole world with you to live a happy life, Just you need to have your loved one’s with you always around.

  • dhanya.p
    5:09 AM, 6 March 2020

    Live a life that inspire others, so that you succeeds in this life….

  • jeshwanth gunda
    7:04 AM, 4 March 2020

    In is relationship everything thing make positive,if you behind Ego..

  • Jr
    7:25 PM, 29 February 2020

    The mind is a prison without bars……….escape

    • lina
      8:02 AM, 20 April 2020


  • C.marie
    2:04 AM, 29 February 2020

    A wise man speaks because he has something to say, a fool because he has to say something. —

    • Bennett Ndlovu
      5:14 PM, 10 July 2021

      A wise man once said nothing

  • Saumya
    8:26 AM, 19 February 2020

    In the end they’ll judge me,so whatever

  • Manay
    7:43 PM, 15 February 2020

    Small things matter.
    Dr ray

  • Aryan upadhyay
    1:24 PM, 1 February 2020

    It takes a great deal of courage to stand to our enemies , but even more to stand up to our friends . – jk Rowling . I love this quote.

  • zenish khan
    7:50 AM, 30 January 2020

    Love like you’ve never been hurt.-love this

  • Kit
    4:15 PM, 29 January 2020

    “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.” – Art Williams.
    I love this qoute!

    • Aryan upadhyay
      1:25 PM, 1 February 2020


      • kelsey charter
        7:38 PM, 6 April 2020

        i agree

    9:30 AM, 28 January 2020


  • Shafiq
    6:13 AM, 27 January 2020

    Life is too short to love what to talk of hatred. A great personality, actually my ideal said “Like for your fellow brothers what you like for your own self”. This really changed my life and showed me the way to live a peaceful life.

  • Unkown
    8:48 AM, 22 January 2020

    Love like you’ve never been hurt.-love this quote

    • Charles
      1:53 PM, 21 June 2021

      Heres one.. Its hard to hate what you love.and love what you hate Charles wynn

  • Carole Robertson
    12:19 PM, 12 January 2020

    I had a friend who would smarter not harder..and..take time to be kind.

    • Malik
      11:46 AM, 3 March 2020

      True indeed

  • Muhammad Usman
    8:27 AM, 7 January 2020

    Best short quotes I ever have seen thanks a lot for sharing these great quotes.

  • Afnan k
    8:50 AM, 4 January 2020

    God will complete, If you start…

    • Kim
      12:58 PM, 27 January 2020


    • kelsey charter
      7:40 PM, 6 April 2020

      yes your right ❤❤

    • lina
      10:52 AM, 20 April 2020

      so good..thank you JESUS, thank you Afnan…

    10:30 PM, 1 January 2020

    Life is all about three things
    Winning,losing and sharing
    Winning others heart,
    Losing bad memory,
    Sharing happy moments
    And also be happy ?_krishiva

    • Subham Nahak
      11:34 PM, 23 January 2020

      So Nice line & Nice Thought.

  • Sports
    1:58 PM, 1 January 2020

    For me, this was a useful article.
    thanks for this.

  • T R Namballa
    7:28 PM, 29 December 2019

    Wow what a quote “Aspire to Inspire before we expire “. Wonderful simple and powerful quotes. They inspired and brought positive outlook in my day to day life.

    • Nayeem
      2:57 PM, 24 January 2020

      I loved it when I read just like you.

      • Hrithik shejole
        12:57 AM, 21 July 2021


  • Lito Sanggo
    8:47 AM, 24 December 2019

    Since I start reading short inspirational quotes or whatever quotes from great people aside from biblical passages , it inspires me a lot and it plays a vital part of being a better person, a person of moral values with positive outlook in life.
    Just digest this quotes and you will notice and experience a life changing every day.

    Thank you

    • Mitchell Santner
      5:37 AM, 19 May 2021

      Yes same

  • sunflower
    11:36 AM, 20 November 2019

    super love this short quotes!! thank you for sharing <3

  • Emeila
    12:00 PM, 15 October 2019

    Thank you for the great collection of quotes but you didn’t include my favorite one “Do what is right, Not what is easy”

    • Jacob
      12:04 PM, 15 October 2019

      This quote really resonated with me. Thanks!

      • Insights
        3:56 AM, 1 May 2021

        For more motivational quotes and messages please check Hope you might like it.

        • James Pius
          12:11 PM, 9 January 2022

          What goes around is what comes around , this my guote

    • Unknown
      9:29 PM, 2 June 2020

      This quote is amazing, even though it is short it has more soul than most. It really tells us how to live our lives every day.

      • uknown
        6:01 PM, 5 August 2020


        • Darren
          8:32 PM, 8 November 2021

          Lies help u solve some life’s problems but truth does better.

    • xing hua
      11:02 AM, 29 August 2021

      wow yess your qoute to heart touching

  • Emily Chang
    1:27 PM, 10 October 2019

    Really good collection of friendship quotes Allison. Thanks! My favourite is this one: “Love For All, Hatred For None” – short and sweet but very powerful 🙂

    • Malleswara Rao
      6:15 AM, 23 April 2020


    • Lawrence sunny
      4:43 PM, 19 January 2022

      Yes….indeed,it was really powerful and it’s also my favorite

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