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Sad Quotes are perfect to get you out of sadness. Life is like a sinusoidal wave and in order to reach happiness, you need to experience sadness. For instance, when people consider you to be “unique” or “weird”, you may become sad. But in order to overcome your sadness, you need to acknowledge it and find something to help you overcome it. Through this, you can grow and become happy once again.

You cannot avoid sadness but you can use your sadness as a source of motivation and growth. Sad quotes are going to help you with that. Tears can roll down your cheeks because of many reasons. It could even be because of extreme joy or an emotional moment like a marriage ceremony or being blessed with a baby, or seeing someone very dear after a very long time, etc.

However, if the reason is having been hurt which in turn can have many reasons like having trust been broken, things didn’t work your way or problems with our partner.  No matter what anyone says, heartache, or dishonesty, etc. takes time to get over. Sometimes it is important to process your emotions in a healthy matter. Talk to someone about your pain, watch a sad movie and cry your eyes out. You can even read sad quotes to help you understand and process your emotions while you cry.

Sadness becomes a remedy when you cry it out and lighten your heart while becomes a deep wound when you suppress it inside you not letting it out. Every time I have cried, the bond with myself became more and more strong. Personally, I like to ponder over the reason for my sadness, learn from it, and overcome it. It’s not your regret that saddens you but your expectations and negative influences. There is no end to the reasons for becoming sad and hence I would like to speak my heart out through these sad quotes that have always helped me, with you.

Here are 69 of the most endorsing Sad Quotes to make the most out of your sad moments. I hope these will help you come out of your sadness as even a stronger personality.

69 Most Endorsing Sad Quotes To Understand Yourself And People Better

  1. “Trying to avoid sadness is trying to avoid life.” –Maxime Lagacé
  2. “Wipeout your own tears, because if people come to you they will come for a deal.” –Unknown
  3. “Tears are words that need to be written.” –Paulo Coehlo
  4. “Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it’s there if you look deep.” –Taraji P. Henson
  5. Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. –Leonardo da Vinci
  6. “The worst feeling isn’t being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone who you would never forget.”
  7. “If your happiness depends upon what is happening outside of you, you are a slave to the external situation.” –Sadhguru
  8. “First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isn’t so great.” –Alyssa Milano
  9. The good life is not one immune to sadness but one in which suffering contributes to our development. –Alain de Botton
  10. “It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can’t have them in your arms.” -Unknown
  11. “Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” –Mandy Hale
  12. “Yoga, meditation and talking to myself are the best ways to turn your sorrow into joy, turn your weakness into strength and complexity into simplicity.” –Rahul Bansal
  13. Tears are far more beautiful than anything that you have with you, because tears come from the overflow of your being.” –Osho
  14. “Nobody knows about the little meltdowns I have when I’m alone. They only know about the smiles and laughs I show them.” -Unknown
  15. “Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.” –C.S. Lewis
  16. “Walking alone is not difficult but when we have walked a mile worth a thousand years with someone then coming back alone is what is difficult.” –Faraaz Kazi
  17. “You still make me smile, even if you’re the reason why I’m sad.” –Zakiya And Majid
  18. “He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.” –Alexandre Dumas
  19. “Blaming other people for things that are going wrong guarantees your continued misery.” –Justin Kan
  20. “Sadness is an opportunity a good opportunity to learn the real life”
  21. “You say you care but you leave me alone to cry.” -Unknown
  22. “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.” –Percy Bysshe Shelley
  23. “Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.” –Christopher Morley
  24. “What brings us to tears, will lead us to grace. Our pain is never wasted.” –Bob Goff
  25. “Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” –Carl Jung
  26. “It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.” –Miguel de Unamuno
  27. “Life is sad, life is a bust, all you can do is do what you must.” –Bob Dylan
  28. “Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.” –Faraaz Kazi
  29. “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.” –Charlie Chaplin
  30. “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” –Unknown
  31. “The funniest people are the saddest ones.” –Confucius
  32. “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.” –Jim Rohn
  33. “When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” –John Lennon
  34. It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories. –Bonnie Blair
  35. “Those who do not weep, do not see.” –Victor Hugo
  36. “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” –Washington Irving
  37. “Unhappy people focus on what’s missing.” -Unknown
  38. “In the valley of sorrow, spread your wings.” –Susan Sontag
  39. “Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel. –Tupac Shakur
  40. “There is prodigious strength in sorrow and despair.” –Charles Dickens
  41. “So much sadness exists in the world that we are all under obligation to contribute as much joy as lies within our powers.” –John Sutherland Bonnell
  42. “You’re sad because you’re wasting your potential. You know it, your family knows it, everyone knows it. Do something useful.” –Carlos Del Valle
  43. “It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.” –Henry Rollins
  44. “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” –Rumi
  45. “My feeling is that there is nothing in life but refraining from hurting others, and comforting those who are sad.” –Olive Schreiner
  46. “The more you consume, the sadder you get. The sadder you get, the more you consume. Create instead.” –Maxime Lagacé
  47. “Sorrow is one of the vibrations that prove the fact of living.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  48. “That is my work, to transform your life from a sad affair into a celebration.” Osho
  49. “As the light begins to intensify, so does my misery, and I wonder how it is possible to hurt so much when nothing is wrong.” –Tabitha Suzuma
  50. “I’ve learned more from pain than I could’ve ever learned from pleasure.” Unknown
  51. “We must understand that sadness is an ocean, and sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim.” –R.M. Drake
  52. “Its good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing.” –Rumi
  53. “Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity.” –Yoko Ono
  54. “When you’re happy you enjoy the music, but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” –Frank Ocean
  55. “This genuine heart of sadness can teach us great compassion. It can humble us when we’re arrogant and soften us when we are unkind.” –Pema Chödrön
  56. “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.” –Unknown
  57. “Sometimes you laugh because you’ve got no more room for crying.” –Terry Pratchett
  58. Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” –Malcolm X
  59. “Tears are words the mouth can’t say nor can the heart bear.” –Joshua Wisenbaker
  60. “Suffering is a gift; in its hidden mercy.” –Rumi
  61. “I learned how to be happy because I know what unhappiness felt like.” –Lilly Singh
  62. “Sometimes you’ve got to be able to listen to yourself and be okay with no one else understanding.” –Unknown
  63. “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long. –Johnny Depp
  64. “Boredom, anger, sadness, or fear are not ‘yours,’ not personal. They are conditions of the human mind. They come and go. Nothing that comes and goes is you.” –Eckhart Tolle
  65. “One thing you can’t hide — is when you’re crippled inside.” –John Lennon
  66. “Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things.” –Arthur Schopenhauer
  67. “Most of the trouble in life comes from misunderstanding.” –Lucy Maud Montgomery
  68. “Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.” –Unknown
  69. “You come out of sadness as a stronger personality. But if you locked yourself into it, then you would even lose yourself.” –Rahul Bansal 

Rahul Bansal

Rahul is a freelance author, chemist, a teacher and has a lot of passion for spirituality, humanity & self-development. Being in the writing industry for many years, Rahul has a plethora of knowledge which he loves to share and discuss with his readers. He loves to write about self-improvement and share quotes he finds inspiring.

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  • Divya
    5:26 PM, 13 September 2021

    Quite a relatable collection of depression quotes
    Anyone who feels sad or going through a phase of darkness can feel these quotes.
    Thank you for sharing.

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