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The workforce is undoubtedly the foundation upon which any business thrives. It is also the sole asset that can make or break any venture.
Naturally, as a leader or entrepreneur, it is your sole responsibility to create motivation in the workplace.

Cases of the Monday blues, slumped shoulders, and under-eye bags are common workplace scenes that you may have grown accustomed to. While you can’t prevent this completely, a little pat on the back from time to time is essential to boost your employee morale and encourage them to deliver their best performance.

In order to minimize the lack of motivation and inactivity amongst your team and create motivation in the workplace, you have to devise ways to help your staff gain ambition.

Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you create motivation in the workplace:

1. Recognize Your Employees’ Effort

Recognition plays a vital role in motivating your employees. In fact, over 65% of the employees agree that enhanced recognition from upper management motivates them to do better. Exceptional results are the byproduct of hard work and hard work is inspired by recognition!
While it is essential to acknowledge your employees’ contribution,  the way you show your appreciation is as important. For example, recognition should not be in the form of a one-time bonus. Acknowledgements should be made timely and more frequently.

2. Make Your Employees Feel Important

Your employees should always feel important. If you give your employee a small task, as upper management, it is your duty to take time to let them know the significance of their task and role. If your employee does not feel valued or feel they are treated like robots, ultimately they will stop caring for what they do. Employees need to feel connected and appreciated in something that is larger than the individual self. They need to know their work plays an important role and is needed to produce something bigger.

3. Create an Employee-Friendly Work Environment

Your employees devote a huge amount of time to work for you in your office. That is why you should make the office environment as fun and staff-friendly as possible. If you create an ambiance that is comfortable and welcoming, you will find your employees to be more productive and positive.

4. Set Goals that are Measurable and Small

Almost all of us have experienced projects that seem to be never-ending and continue to drag on. It is quite demotivating to be stuck in such a situation. That is why seeing how much progress you have made can feel relieving at times. Setting small and achievable goals keep your employees more productive and confident.

5. Try to Analyse the Mistakes and Opt for Positive Criticism

Remember that mistakes happen. Negligence must be addressed, but if an employee accidentally makes a mistake even after working hard, you should acknowledge their effort rather than putting them down and demotivating their innovation, creativity and initiative.

6. Encourage Taking Risks

You should give your employees the liberty to make mistakes. Some of the greatest inventions are the results of risks. Similarly, your employees should feel confident in taking chances they believe in, without fearing criticism. Without this freedom, employees will be too afraid to take risks and will prefer mediocracy instead of having to make mistakes to achieve more.

7. Avoid Overworking Your Employees

Keep in mind that you should not overwork your staff. Sometimes you may require extra help, but try to ensure you are not asking for too much! Consistently asking your employees to put extra hours every day can cause productivity to drop.

Apart from the above, once in a while you should also try to organize conventions, award ceremonies and office parties. Organizing events like these will enable your employees to get a much-deserved break from their work and celebrate their achievements in a fun way!

These 7 tips will ensure that your employees feel cared for and feel well-recognized in your organization. Creating motivation in the workplace will help your employees put their best foot forward every time.


Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma is a writer who loves sharing views on health and food topics. Currently, he works with Wonderland Agency which is the best event management company in the UK.

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