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Let’s be honest, we all had huge plans for 2020, which turned to dust due to COVID-19. In modern-day society, no one could imagine this situation! A situation where we are unable to step outside and the world would shut down for an indefinite period of time. People around the globe are facing a hard time. It is up to us to be a good citizen during this time and spread more kindness!

The loss of a loved one, being socially distant, unemployment, etc. are making this year really difficult. Festivals around the world including Easter, Eid, etc. were definitely not the same this year! The abrupt change is causing an air of sadness and hopelessness in people everywhere. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has shifted our perspectives about a lot and has impacted millions of lives.

It took people some good few weeks to realize the consequences of the pandemic. The daily life tasks that one would routinely do in the past are all out of the question. This change of plans has impacted everyone around us. However, despite the negative consequences, it is important to maintain a positive perspective in regards to this pandemic. This pandemic has inspired me to become a better person and think of all the blessings that we previously took for granted.

The pandemic has caused many to change and think out of the box during the situation. Many people are focused on building apps and software to help others amid the pandemic. Millionaires are donating their money to charities, and big brands are spending their resources to produce masks the world. Essentially, the world is trying to fight the pandemic however it can. This change in the world has impacted me and inspired me to become a good citizen in many ways. Below, I will be sharing a few ways:

1. Be More Charitable

As a result of strict lockdowns and social distancing, the daily wage earners are amongst the worst-hit victims of the pandemic. Daily wagers such as maids, home cleaners, gardeners, plumbers, and electricians do not have enough money to sustain their households in such a situation.
The pandemic has inspired me to be a good citizen by looking out for people who are less privileged than me.

2. Value Relationships

The pandemic has made me realize the value of relationships and family. Not being able to meet my family members who are present in different countries and cities has made me value these relations even more. Not being able to sit for a cup of coffee with colleagues has made me realize their importance and how much it is essential to have friends with whom you can share your happy and sad moments. Video calling friends and family and sending them gifts through delivery services is one way I am trying to stay connected with my loved ones during this tough time. Calling to check up on elderly relatives has made me even closer to my family now.

healthy relationship

3. Help Others With Jobs

Belonging to the IT sector, people like me can still work from home and have job security, however, there are several people whose jobs were based in fields that required their physical presence. Multiple people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and are in search of newer jobs. Hence I connected various people for jobs through LinkedIn and using my personal contacts in a local software development company.

Having to help my fellows and being able to be there for my friends and colleagues have made me feel happier and more grounded for the blessings that I have. I think this time has made me a good citizen and helped me to realize how satisfactory it is to help the people around us.

4. Support Small Businesses

Another thing that has been hit in a terrible way due to the pandemic are the small businesses. More than 50% of the small businesses have shut down temporarily or permanently and few are claiming that they will have to shut down in the next few months.

In these tough times, it is essential to be a good citizen and support these small businesses as much as we can. Bigger businesses will sustain due to their resources but smaller businesses like food chains, vegetable vendors, and other local suppliers need to be supported in such a situation.

I have been supporting local businesses in my area by purchasing local goods from them and referring them to others so that these small business owners won’t have to struggle with their business.

5. Be Socially Responsible

The pandemic has made us realize how connected we are and how essential it is to be a good citizen and take care of each other. The healthcare workers who are working day and night to serve the community regardless of their own safety has made me realize how humanity works above everything.

The global fight against the pandemic has led people to become empathetic. Social distancing not only protects us from catching the virus but also protects others from catching the virus. It is the consideration for other people that has led me to stay indoors and interact as less as possible. I have learned to be a good citizen by being more socially responsible during this pandemic.

Additional Tips To Help People Maintain Good Mental Health

This time is surely a difficult one to keep calm and have mental stability. School, parks and every entertainment place is closed due to the social distancing. Which is why the following points can help you in staying relaxed:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Develop a hobby
  • Have a routine
  • Check up on your loved ones

Final Thoughts

The pandemic is an unprecedented situation that wasn’t anticipated by any of us. However, it is upon us to take this time as an opportunity to become a good citizen and do the best we can while staying indoors and protected. Tough times need people’s empathy and kindness and sooner than later we will overcome this situation. The impact that the situation is creating might last a lifetime which is why we need to realize how the situation is affecting us. I have learned various lessons of empathy and kindness during the situation and I will continue to preach it so others can benefit from my experience as well.

Sohaira Zahra
Sohaira Zahra

Sohaira Zahra is a senior content writer at a leading software development company and digital marketing provider in the USA and Pakistan. A nerd’s nerd, Sohaira graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious university with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and MS in Marketing. Her diverse academic background and her extensive experience as a writer lends authority to whichever topic she writes about. In her spare time, you will find her reading, whipping up delicious pastries, or playing with her adorable cats.

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