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Aren’t you tired of pretending you like what you wear and how you look, just because it keeps people off your back? Secretly, you look at certain styles and patterns and wish you could wear them but a thousand things seem to stop you. Here’s how to be confident and break that mental block. 

1. Be confident with your body

Find the answer to the question, “how to be confident?” is not as simple as it may seem. Confidence is not about image, but about the way you see yourself. If you are not confident about your own body, it lets in so many more negative ideas about yourself. 

Change the way you walk. Notice the way you enter a room, or even how you move after dressing up. Do you avoid the mirror? Slouch and don’t make eye contact? Try changing those simple details, even just at home. Lift that head, look yourself in the eye. Straighten those shoulders.

Invest in your interests. If you’re not ready to show off your dressing style yet, invest in what you already enjoy and are good at. Invest in art, in creative writing classes, in dance or film critique. Knowing what you are good at creates a ripple effect. You’ll see your whole posture change. 

2. Smile

When someone enters a room with a smile, they automatically look confident. Why? They look like they notice the people in the room, they don’t look self-conscious at all. 

Grab that endorphin burst. Smiling automatically releases endorphins in our brains, making us happier and more willing to interact with people. Sociable people are confident people.

Make your companions comfortable. Whether you know your companions or not, a smile is a great way to make everyone feel at ease. The usual response to a smile is a returning smile. Everyone gets that endorphin burst, and the situation becomes better.

Smile first. Take control of the mood of a room. Smile first and challenge everyone to join you. 

3. Be Proud Of Yourself & Your Body

How can you flaunt without looking like you’re trying too hard? It’s simple. Pick whatever you like most about your body, and flaunt it to the moon and back.

Love your shoulders? Flaunt your shoulders if they are broad and straight. If you’ve done sports in the past, they are probably firm and round. 

Love your legs? Flaunt your legs if you like the way they curve. You don’t need short skirts to do that, just a slit high enough to tell people you’re proud of what you have. Emphasize the presentation by covering up most of the rest of your body.

Love your body? Highlight them with form-fitting one-piece dresses and solid colours. Let the curvy lines stand out in clear relief and let the world know you love yourself.

Love your collarbones? Wide-necked tops and dresses, and even cleavage-displaying clothing, will frame and highlight your collarbones. You can even go for less form-fitting clothing and show off those lovely bones. 

4. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Before you get into all that fashion and styling, set your foundation properly. What are you actually comfortable wearing? 

Start with your underclothing. You need to feel good from the inside out. Make sure you feel good from the very start.

Observe your reactions to your clothes. When you feel particularly good or comfortable, take another look. Is it the colour you like? Or the material? Do you like the way the neckline frames your head and shoulders or shows off your legs? You’ll want to do more of that later. 

Remember that comfort leads to confidence. When you’re not so worried about what you’re wearing, you automatically look happier and more confident. 

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5. Have fun with fashion, don’t take yourself too seriously

Please, enjoy yourself while dressing up! Fashion is such a big thing because of its power to make us feel amazing about ourselves. But what no one tells you is that fashion is supposed to be fun and empowering. 

Dress well TODAY. It’s time to fix that style whether or not you are at the body type or skincare level you want. The better you look, the more confidence you have, the more willpower you have to take care of yourself and your health.

Play with different styles. Is there a style you’ve been wanting to try but don’t think will look good on you? Try it out!  You might surprise yourself. And if you like how it makes you feel, or the body part it helps you flaunt, go for it. It’s your style, your rules. 

6. Embrace your flaws and mistakes

What? Embrace them, when they’re already what makes people stare? Unacceptable! 

It’s actually really healthy. Let us tell you why.

If you embrace your flaws you can reframe them. Do you feel like things often upset you? Reframe it by acknowledging you are very sensitive to the people around you and you want to communicate well with them. 

If you embrace your flaws you can accept praise. If you know who you are, flaws and all, you won’t get self-conscious when others praise you. After all, you know what you are good at and what you are not so great at. If they compliment you on something you are not so great at, congratulations! 

7. Don’t Wear Something Just Because Your Friend Looks Great in It

Every person has a unique style. There are a thousand articles that help you understand your body type, hair type, and colour scheme, and all those are great! But you will always have a unique style no one else can match. 

We tend to be attracted to the colours and styles that look good on us, or that make us feel good about ourselves. When you gravitate to a certain style or colour, go for it! Make it your theme, your trademark. Make it something uniquely you, and it will trump any “proper” styling others think you should have. You will look and feel yourself, and that will make you stand out.

8. Always Accessorize

Accessories are your best friend. You can make a simple outfit stand out, or change its entire look and feel, just by mixing up your accessories.

Flaunt what you want to flaunt. Earrings frame the face. Short or small earrings pull the face upwards; long earrings create a picture-frame effect. Necklaces can draw attention to those lovely shoulders and collarbones. Bracelets call attention to lovely skin and long fingers. Rings do the trick too. You don’t need a full accessory set; one is enough to focus their attention.

Get a pair of shoes in every style. Basic shoe styles and colours that you can match with anything can easily be rotated to show off your style. Sneakers can make a white dress casual, while sandals can elevate the occasion. Boots are peppy and comfortable in almost any setting.

Get a bag that matches everything. A simple bag that is easy to match with your wardrobe basics will do for you on most days, and you can change it up easily on other days. 

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