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Motivation and inspiration can be obtained in various ways and practices. As it happens, these things may vary depending on the person or the situation. So, the things that can motivate and inspire you may not be the same things that will do for others.
Whatever the case, though, everyone is able to use music to motivate and inspire themselves. Music has many benefits and it is loved worldwide (despite the genre). In this article, we will focus on how we can use music to motivate and inspire us, as well as the benefits of the various genres!

How Can We Use Music To Motivate Us?

Music is therapeutic in nature. It is found that it provides a lot of benefits that can help a person’s concerns; physical, mental, or even emotional conditions.

Music can change a lot of things inside the mind and body. These shifts can be beneficial as they can ultimately help you to alter your moods and perspectives. As a result, you can use music to motivate and inspire you.

There is no specific type of music that are found to provide more inspiration and motivation. Nevertheless, it has been proven that personal preferences largely impact these aspects. So, this only goes to show that, in general, individuals can use music to motivate and inspire themselves and others.

How Various Music Genres Inspire And Motivate People

1. Rock Out While You Work Out

Listening to rock music as you do your workout routines can help you feel more energized. As it happens, many studies today show that upbeat music increases the levels of your strength and energy. This is why upbeat music, like rock, is very beneficial and helpful while exercising.

In other words, you can utilize rock music to motivate and inspire you during your workouts and help you be more ambitious.  This genre of music will help you feel more able and excited despite the challenge and struggle of every routine.

2. Jazz Music While Studying

Students always resort to music as per research. Whether they feel stressed because of a deadline or they just want to stay focused for an exam. Music has become their go-to, as it effectively helps them.

While different kinds of music can help students with their respective tasks and duties, it has been found that jazz is the most beneficial of all, especially when “intending to study”.

3. Classical Music For Creativity

The best genre of music that stimulates creativity is classical music. There is a reason why Vivaldi’s classical concerto, Four Seasons won first place as the most creativity-inspiring music. It’s not rocket science at all to know that creativity is linked to this type of music.

Aside from the justification that today’s winning piece for stimulating creativity is a type of classical music, studies show the mental benefits. Listening to such a genre enables the brain to “power up” the creative side of the brain. As a result, it allows the listener to execute more of this brain’s side into real-life applications.

4. Calm Music For Improving Concentration

Focus and concentration are some of the things that you will need to find your inspiration and motivation. Keep in mind that a clouded mind will not help you get inspired and motivated. Instead, this will only cause conflicts and complications, especially with your thoughts. In the end, this will result in your thoughts getting all over the place!

Fortunately, calming music such as instrumental is found to improve focus and concentration. Many parents who sent their kids to music lessons largely claimed that their kids have become more focused and concentrated on certain tasks. Specifically when calming songs and tracks are playing in the background.

5. Pop Music Builds A Variety of Transferable Skills

Pop music is considered the most common genre of today. Each week, it seemingly appears that new pop songs always make it to the top of the charts for everyone to enjoy. With the various selection of pop songs, you can enable yourself to get the inspiration and motivation that you need. This is because this genre is found to build many transferable skills.

These skills may include the ability to become more creative, plan ahead, solve complex problems, and even conceptualize patterns. As a result, you end up more productive which allows motivation and inspiration to naturally build up.


All in all, despite the genre, you can always use music to motivate and inspire yourself. So make sure you reap the benefits of your favourite music genre! The next time you feel like you’ve lost all your inspiration and motivation to get through things, open your playlist and listen to your favourite song or preferred genre!

If you haven’t experienced this yet, you may want to try it now and experience the benefits for yourself, and be sure to let us know about your experience in the comments!

Curtis Dean

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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  • sisteregina k
    7:26 PM, 27 May 2023

    Curtis Dean ~ is there a single note on the musical scale that once you’ve discovered it, it’s awareness and motivational presence has effected a difference in your life?

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