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For me Happiness is that light feeling you get when you’re relaxed and free. It’s that sensation you get when your entire body resonates something that is deep inside of you.

Happiness is the one emotion that single handedly turns the entire world.

Here are 7 timeless ways you can be happy:

At this very moment there are thousands of people who are lost and confused because they don’t know the answers to their lives. What should I do? How should I fix this? How should I do that? Why is this happening? Why did that happen? Here are some ways you can find answers in your life:

We as humans are constantly in a pursuit for happiness. Only problem is that during our pursuit, we sometimes end up going after the wrong things. This lack of direction leads us to forget what is really important. Here are 4 tips that I have used to find happiness in my life, and hopefully you can use them to find happiness in yours: